Assured & Associates Personal Care Helps Senior Patients with Home Care in Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia

For those senior patients who need home health care in Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia, Assured & Associates Personal Care is the right door to knock.


Douglasville, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2019 --Loneliness is becoming a silent killer for the elderly. Since 1999, the suicide rate has increased more than 30 percent in half of the U.S states. In most cases, deaths are reported due to struggles with employment and finances, rejection by siblings, and resulting homelessness. In some instances, senior people are profoundly distraught by the loss of the pet.

With no one in the family to take care of them, many senior members find themselves plunged into a pool of despair, which occasionally leads to their committing suicide. Losing independence and functionality due to age, they begin to feel like a burden or mere liability.

To help such dejected souls, Assured & Associates Personal Care strives to provide home care in Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia. Young adults who are forced to stay away from home for months even years, Assured & Associates assures them that they will take care of their parents or grandparents during their absence with utmost care and professionalism.

The staff at Assured & Associates are specially trained to take care of the elderly patients by helping them with a lot of day-to-day chores, ranging from meal preparation, medication, bedding, and getting ready in the morning.

Depending on the requirement, they can be hired for the elderly. To provide the patients with the best possible home health care, they will always be available during the most crucial times.

Thoroughly screened and certified, these staff from Assured & Associates are always ready to listen and communicate with them in the most eager way possible. They are highly trained to handle any medical emergencies which could arise anytime and also keep a connection with the local hospital and ambulance services to provide immediate responses in case of urgency.

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Assured & Associates Personal Care was founded over a decade ago to meet and exceed the needs of elderly, disabled, and chronically ill individuals who wish to remain in their homes.

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