My Shoe Bae Offers a Convenient Way to Carry High Heels After a Night Out


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/09/2019 --Many women struggle with foot pain after nights out wearing high heels, and many of them resort to taking their shoes off at some point. However, this opens them up to the risk of the shoes getting lost, stolen, or damaged. My Shoe Bae is a unique new product from Luna + Roxly that aims to solve this problem for good.

It is a simple accessory that carries high heels securely when the user doesn't want to wear them anymore. The sleek, compact device pairs well with just about any outfit and can clip onto purses, belt loops and more.

Inside the locket-style compartment, there are two soft cords made from high-quality faux suede that loop through cutouts or straps in the shoes to secure them. These loops can even wrap around the heel of the shoe for closed-toe styles, like pumps. The straps are non-abrasive, so there is no need to worry about damage to the high heels.

The best thing about My Shoe Bae is that the wearer can carry their shoes hands-free. This frees up their hands for holding beverages, snacks, their phone, or anything else. They can even dance without worrying about losing their shoes in the process.

Luna + Roxly has already completed testing of the prototypes for My Shoe Bae and is ready to move forward with full-scale production. To help achieve this goal, the company launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on July 16. The campaign has a funding goal of $19,750, of which it had already brought in more than $6,400 at the time of this release. The campaign will continue until August 29.

Campaign backers will be eligible to receive My Shoe Baes at discounted rates. Starting at contributions of just $19, backers will receive a single My Shoe Bae. They can get two heel clips for $29. My Shoe Bae is great for bridesmaid gifts, and the campaign even includes a special Bridesmaid's Pack. With this option, backers can get five My Shoe Baes for $59. There is even a Retail Pack for $549, giving backers 100 clips.

There will be no shipping charges for customers in the United States. Luna + Roxly expects to go into production before the end of the year, enabling it to deliver rewards to backers in time for the holidays.

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