Headhunters Clothing Line Selling Controversial Themed Apparel Sees Ads on Social Media Banned

Headhunters clothing line’s bold statements displayed on the clothes it sells appeal to its customers but have led the company to face limitations when doing social media marketing


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2019 --Headhunters Clothing, an American clothing line with a bold vision reflected on its branding and on the actual clothes it sells has seen its controversial views turning into limitations for placing ads on social media.

The company, with an e-shop at https://www.headhuntersclothing.com and owned by D. Benjamin Rankins, sells apparel for men with a design and conceptual style that resembles those of Off White. "With irreverence and a go-getter spirit, our clothing line speaks to the American man who will stop at nothing to realize the American Dream," Mr. Rankins said while adding that "drive, ambition, and determination are part of the DNA of our brand and are aimed at reflecting the DNA of our customers."

With t-shirts displaying machine guns and saying "Get Busy Hustlin'", a "Heist Hoodie" displaying gold as a target, surrounded by bullet holes, and other similar daring and controversial designs, the brand has bumped into limitations imposed by social media advertising platforms, which have banned some of the brand's ads. The brand introduces itself on its website as "The world's most dangerous clothing line."

"Not settling with what life throws at you used to be encouraged by our society, but now that's not as popular as it once was. That's why appealing to the hustler within you can now be considered dangerous, but of course this is a marketing approach based on certain principles. Nothing else," Rankins commented.

"There's nothing wrong with our products, our vision or our ads. We're not insulting anyone or advocating any kind of illegal or dangerous conduct," the shop owner further stated. The brand claims to have an outspoken way of standing by its customers, "who also believe in sacrificing, going the extra mile, and making all necessary efforts to make it out there and live up to their goals and the American Dream."

Political correctness has taken an increasingly strong role in guiding advertising platforms and social media in particular when it comes to allowing certain organic content to be posted and commercial ad content to be published.

In 2018, Heineken, Dove and H&M commercials faced heavy criticism, all for being considered controversial ads. Some of H&M's store locations were even attacked following one of these ads. In 2016 alone, the UK's Advertising Standards Authority received more than 37,000 complaints and it effectively prohibited or compelled advertisers to make substantial changes to nearly 3,500 ads.

"The problem is universal, and it's becoming too serious for people to ignore," D. Benjamin Rankins said. Advertising and marketing have always been considered almost off-limits when it came to conveying creative messages that could be controversial. Benetton ads in the 1980s and 1990s made an impact out of this, so we need to keep our freedom of speech and our creative freedoms as intact as they should always be," the business owner stated.

The brand reaffirms its commitment to staying true to its concept and the kind of message that appeals to its customers.

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