Anonymous Proxy and Anonymous Surfing - Two Methods to Protect your Internet Privacy

Award-winning PrivacyView Software has unveiled and released Private Proxy, an Anonymous Proxy Server.

Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/22/2007 -- PrivacyView Software, LLC the developer of award-winning Internet and computer privacy software, today announced the release of its Anonymous Proxy Server, Private Proxy.

Private Proxy is a 128-bit encrypted anonymous proxy that guards against Internet search engines, Internet Service Providers and IT Departments from tracking the Internet communications associated with your computer.

Private Proxy is a secure tunnel that routes all Internet communication to a secure anonymous proxy server. This provides two benefits to the users:

• Secure communication to an anonymous proxy that eliminates an Internet Service Provider, or an IT Department, from knowing what websites are visited and what data is exchanged between your browser and the sites you visit;
• Secure browsing of websites without the sites being able to track back to your computer.

PrivacyView Software has long been known for its secure privacy software, PrivacyView. Unlike most privacy software that deletes Internet history or cookies, PrivacyView enables users to hide and encrypt Internet traces on their computer. With PrivacyView, users can bookmark favorite sites, download private movies and pictures, and even set a private home page for their later private surfing. PrivacyView enables users to feel comfortable browsing the Internet with the knowledge that all web traces are hidden from others who have access to their computer.

Now with Private Proxy and PrivacyView, users get the best of both worlds, an anonymous proxy that protects their IP address and Internet communication’s along with an anonymous surfing tool that enables them to keep all local browser traces and personal files safe and secure from others who have access to their computer.

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