MVB Premium Backpacks - Super Waterproof, Incredibly Strong, Air Cushioned


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/23/2019 --MVB Backpacks are the world's first airtight waterproof, floatable, air cushioned, kevlar embedded backpacks. With their premium eco-friendly, biodegradable build the bags are extremely durable and will become the only backpack you need. This patent pending backpack won Gold in Hong Kong's Smart Design Award as well as the prestigious Judge Award.

The MVB Backpack features a one of a kind double zipper construction making the MVB far superior to any other waterproof bag. With the MVB's inflating nozzle the backpack is able to transform into a floating device while keeping your belongings inside completely dry. The MVB Shield Edition not only has this incredible inflating feature but its front panel is embedded with 32 layers of USA-made Dupont Kevlar making it capable of blocking small pistol calibers. This Kevlar combined with the air cushioned crumple zone construction helps create an impact shield against personal attacks.

The innovation in design was not only created to be used for everyday life but also for extreme sports, travel, work, and other activities. "The MVB backpack is the most meaningful product we have ever created. We believe this bag can potentially save someone's life." said Jacky Wong, MVB founder and creator of the Kickstarter campaign.

The MVB backpack has launched on Kickstarter titled MVB Backpack | Super Waterproof, Super Strong, Air-Cushioned and are looking to raise $12,733 USD to meet their goal.

For more information about the MVB Life and Living Back Series, contact Jacky at Jacky@MVB.World or visit the Kickstarter page at

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