Roofing SEO Helping Companies Capitalize on 47.52 Billion Dollar Growth + Hire More


Minneapolis, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2019 --Guru Focus is reporting that the roofing industry in the United States is set to grow considerably to 47.52 Billion by 2025. An increase in natural disasters, such as hail storms, and eco-friendly roofing materials has led to this eye-popping statistic. In addition, a rise in spending on home improvement and remodeling contributes to the massive growth projection.

But what are small to midsize roofers doing to capitalize on all of this growth? Where-as 10-20 years ago, they had fleets of people door-knocking and cold-calling prospects during their dinner, many are shifting smartly to a new way of procuring business.

Roofing SEO has taken the industry by storm. Roofing SEO refers to getting a company's website to show up higher on Google by writing content, getting links from other websites back to the site, and making technical changes to the website which makes it easier for Google to crawl and understand, and therefore show up higher in the search results.

One roofer had this to say about how he utilizes a roofing SEO agency to get more website traffic and leads while saving his time. "My time and my skills are better spent working on my business and with my people, than trying to do SEO stuff that I don't know about."

Certainly – some companies are going it alone and can do so by utilizing the Yoast SEO plugin and trying to reach out to other websites to link back to them, but many smart roofing company owners know their time is best spent on their processes and sales team.

Roofing companies that are Search Engine Optimized will look to reap the most benefits from the growth of the roofing industry since, at minimum, 75% of clicks from Google are from the first page of the results. If companies aren't on the first page they may not be getting found.

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