World's First MicroBit Drone from MakeKit Hits Kickstarter Goal in 9 Hours


Oslo, Norway -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/30/2019 --The world's first micro:bit drone has hit the crowdfunding marketplace, and within less than a day, has become a huge success. After just 9 hours, the initial goal of $14,000 was achieved. The Air:bit drone combines thoughtful design, compatible technology, exceptional functionality, and hands-on learning. The Christmas special kit will ship in time for Christmas.

Micro:bit is a computer that fits in your pocket but is far more powerful than many small computers. By using it to power a drone, flyers get a wide variety of features not available on traditional small drones. The platform offers easy learning coding opportunities. It is also constructed from simple materials, like a plywood frame, so there's no fear of accidental crashes as drone flying is perfected. Replacement parts will also be easily available.

Air:bit is a fantastic drone for someone just learning the details of drone flying, coding, or both. Those 13 years old and older can fly independently; kids as young as 8 can handle the Air:bit drone with parental assistance. This kit is easy to assemble and get off the ground. It can be used as-is for a simple flying experience, or more advanced sensors and other modules can be used to expand the drone's capabilities.

Unlike some coding platforms, Air:bit can be programmed from the block/JavaScript code editor, Make:code, or through an iPad. Add camera, different sensors and servos for the ultimate experience – and several different input and output options. Teachers love Air:bit for physics, engineering, programming classes, and more. Air:bit can also collect various pieces of data, such as temperatures and acceleration, expanding its educational opportunities even further.

The Kickstarter campaign continues until October 12, 2019, giving drone lovers plenty of time to choose the right kit for their needs. There are several rewards offered, depending on what level of autonomy and technology might fit the user's interests.

Air:bit, based on the micro:bit technology, offers a unique opportunity for drone lovers. The device is built from repairable and light-on-the-environment tools, it's easily maneuverable, and is easy to assemble for those who enjoy building with their own hands. Air:bit can accept a variety of tools to make it more advanced, or it can be a simple, fun drone that gets the user accustomed to piloting a remote quadcopter in the air.

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