Prestige Alarm Comprehensive Approach to Commercial Alarm Systems in Birmingham, Hoover AL, Huntsville, and Tuscaloosa


Trussville, AL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2019 --Prestige Alarm in Trussville, serving nearby communities of Birmingham, Hoover AL, Huntsville, Pelham, Tuscaloosa, and Vestavia Hills, is asking companies to review their commercial alarm system from a comprehensive approach. Too many times commercial customers piece-work their commercial alarm systems when a comprehensive system works much better. By either adding systems one by one, or using different vendors, customers are missing out from the synergy that results in cost savings, efficiency and a higher level of security and safety.

Prestige Alarm is known for the work they do in installing monitoring networks, fire alarms, security systems, access control, video surveillance and more. However, Prestige Alarm also works as a commercial alarm systems consultant. If a company is looking for an audit, third party verification or a timeline of future security installations, Prestige is the local expert to call. By providing a comprehensive review and consultation, Prestige can give companies a professional evaluation of their whole commercial alarm system. Many times, companies are not aware of holes or gaps in their security protection that puts them at risk for theft, harmful disturbances or liability.

When talking about commercial alarm systems, many companies think about fire alarms or access control. However, Prestige is reminding companies that part of a comprehensive system is looking at more risks and connecting the systems together. For example, carbon monoxide detection is one that is often looked. But if you have employees in your building for 8 hours or more a day, companies need to be sure they are providing a safe working environment. Another is the use of video surveillance systems. Even the smallest companies can use some type of surveillance to record stock and inventory room traffic or office entry. Stores and restaurants would be well off having a surveillance system for their outside entry and parking lot.

One of the best assets Prestige can offer its clients for comprehensive commercial alarm systems is the PRESNET monitoring communications system. PRESNET monitors security and fire panels with a network solution using either a cellular or wireless network solution.

Prestige has worked with many different local industries including prisons, hospitals, law offices, file rooms, clubhouses, private subdivisions, apartment buildings, and other facilities requiring access control and security monitoring. The success of commercial alarm systems has been proven to be dependent on all the systems successfully working together.

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