Dekuma's Pipe Extrusion Production Line Won the 2019 Special Fund


Dongguan, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2019 --Recently, Dekuma's 1200 PE pipe extrusion production line is awarded the Guangdong Province Special Fund for Promoting High-Quality Economic Development In 2019. This top-class production line features well-designed components as usual and deploys advanced technology, immediately attracting thousands of eyeballs.

Established in 2011, Dekuma is well-known for its pursuit of providing rubber and plastic processing technologies solutions with top-class machines. Its excellent engineers and the service teams dedicate to delivering customized solutions and delivering superior after-sales service for customers without any delay. Meanwhile, the massive production capacity and competitive price also earn this company a wide reputation at home and abroad.

In effect, the launch of this 1200 PE pipe extrusion production line immediately gains global attention. It should be noted that, the high-performance components of this production line successfully conquer current major challenges that occurred in the manufacturing process.

First of all, the spiral flow passage structure and the forced cooling system enable this pipe extrusion production line to create molds with considerable thickness. What's more, the innovative screw arbor welcomes all kinds of materials, which offers this production line a high output of extrusion.

Secondly, in order to work out a solution to the internal stress of the molds during the productive process, this pipe extrusion production line lows the pressure and temperature of the fused material to decrease the internal stress. This facilitates the evenness of the molds and avoids the disturbance of the changes of the material viscosity, which can fulfill the needs of the massive production of a variety of plastic molds.

In terms of the sizing process, two components can make a difference. For one thing, the 1200 mm vacuum sizing box has two chambers in front and back of it, which is convenient for the sizing even for some molds with big diameter. For another, the powerful vacuum and cooling system of this pipe extrusion production line ensure the accuracy of the diameter and the ellipticity of a mold.

Fourthly, the traction machine of this pipe extrusion production line has a crawler dive that can be actuated precisely and synchronously by a servo motor. The upper crawler can automatically adapt to the change of mold specification and maintain good contact pressure with the mold, while the lower crawler is electrically adjusted to the required traction place according to the mold specification.

Lastly, the E-series pipe cutting machine adopts advanced German technology and the whole operation process of it is soundless and eco-friendly. The stable performance and the bright as well as flat cutting surface make this machine maintain its leading position in the industry.

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With rich experience and ever-improving technology, Dekuma specializes in research, manufacture and sales of rubber injection molding machines, pipe extrusion production line and hydraulic presses, which can be applied to automobile parts, building materials, energy transmission and other fields. As the first rubber and plastic processing technologies supplier, Dekuma has built a global business network with many famous brands and has become the top pick for automobile oil pipes and bellows in China.

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