12.12 Shopping Spree: All You Need to Know About 'Double 12'

Double 12 this year reheated the Chinese online shopping after Singles'Day. The importance of a reliable parcel locker is needed.


Zhejiang, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/16/2019 --12.12 Shopping Spree: All You Need To Know About 'Double 12'

In China, Singles' Day as the informal online shopping spree has just ended, yet another annual deep discount has started on 12th, December. As the alarm went off before midnight, another battle of finger-clicking for shopping was on silently via the Internet. If you have Taobao on the cell phone, the online shopping application belongs to Alibaba, you might be surprised to see every merchant applied the banner with "Double 12 Only" on most of their products.

Since the typical shopping festival was launched by Alibaba as a means of promotion in December of 2013, its online marketplace has been featured midsize and smaller retailers rather than the international brands.

On the one hand, with a focus on quality retail offers, the event was originally an attempt to overcome negative perceptions around counterfeit product sales. Double 12 is also noteworthy for offering excellent integration of on and offline sales channels, with promotions placed on flyers, outdoor advertising, and in-store receipts, as well as on digital channels. The delivery of the event is powered by Alibaba, meaning that consumers can rapidly pay on their mobile phones and enjoy heavy discounts. In fact, some Double 12 consumers are already planning their days around the event, seeking to maximize a full occasion of discounted dining out, shopping and leisure experiences, just like the war without smoke online at the beginning of the article.

On the other hand, Alibaba's goal for Double 12 shopping carnival has changed several times since its inception in 2012. Initially, it was used to push unsold goods from the company's Singles' Day event, also known as Double 11. The focus then changed to promoting the use of Alipay in offline stores. Nowadays, Double 12 is gradually considered to be the date for the preparation for the end of the year. In other words, consumers are willing to pay more on the goods especially for the new year as Chinese think it will be a good fortune for the upcoming new year when you purchased new clothes and other goods.

The two perspectives show Double 12 is not only the after wave of Singles' Day but also the important date to sell more products for merchants.

Similar to Singles' Day on November 11th, Double 12 also encourages the consuming power and tremendously increases sales. While it is yet to reach the epic proportions of Singles' Day, it is growing fast, with strong customer recognition, over a million sellers and more than 110,000 million participating customers. Despite Single's Day that broke the revenue record last month, Double 12 still attracted attention dramatically. Normally, it is reported that there will be a slight decrease in total sales compared to Single's Day. However, the following delivery services of the Double 12 were still not relaxed than Singles' Day. There was no doubt the express volume may be the as same as it on Singles' Day so that what kind of the delivery solution was able to put everything in order?

It can be assumed that less delivery pressure may happen. whether Single's Day had created the package flood ever since it was first introduced or Double 12 inherited the shockwave of the Double 11 this year, the smart electronic parcel locker is always there for the busiest logistics and delivery pressure of the next shopping carnival, as an experienced electronic locker supplier based in Hangzhou, Dongcheng Electronic keeps offering new delivery solution for customers. The mature locker supplier reflect the breakthrough of Chinese E-commerce, it shows that the success of Chinese parcel locker and smart locker industry has been developed into a new era.

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