New Year's Eve Is a Common Time to Announce a Positive Resolution

Resolutions Concerning Love, Happiness, And Companionship Fail Year After Year Because They Are Often Made In The Negative Instead Of The Positive


North Dighton, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/01/2020 --Everyone has been lonely at one time or another, it's a natural emotion when we as people are left by ourselves. Loneliness is an emotional warning sign that operates much like the physical pain that our bodies suffer at times of injury. A feeling of loneliness is nothing more than a signal from our subconscious telling us to do something different. The feeling when addressed is a temporary one, as it's meant to be. Unfortunately, some people don't understand loneliness for what it is and they allow its effects to linger. When loneliness goes unaddressed it's also known to cause depression, which was once a common condition among American Prisoners.

Throughout the world thousands upon thousands of American People, American Soldiers, and American Prisoners have pledged not to be lonely or depressed as a New Year's Resolution; and many of them have and continue to fail. People are creatures of action. That is why people, as opposed to birds and other animals, become bored. As a result, people do not embrace negative pledges or promises, that attempt to remove a particular activity from our life, rather than compelling us to engage in a new one. When a pledge is made not to do or be subject to something, that pledge is a negative pledge. This is why New Year's Resolutions to diet, to quit smoking, and to quit drinking so often become abandoned efforts.

Loneliness and depression are no different than other destructive habits and they will not normally be overcome by a pledge of prohibition.

Fire and water cannot coexist. Therefore, they cannot occupy the same space at the same time, one will always drive the other to change forms. The same goes for loneliness and companionship, people who choose to spend their time engaged with a companion rarely find themselves lonely. When a person parks a newly purchased automobile next to one that is old and broken down, the desire to drive the new one will usually overcome the need to drive the old one. And, only one can be driven at a time. This is a very basic principle of replacement.

To overcome loneliness and depression in 2020 make a positive resolution. Choosing to replace the old loneliness with something new, something like seeking a caring companion, can make all the difference in the world. A common tool for fighting depression is the "just do something" rule. Whether you just stand up or walk around the block, making a choice to do something different, something other than accepting the same old loneliness, can be the key to a positive change. The positivity of a pen pal brings with it hope.

Anyone fighting depression caused by loneliness should follow the example of those who are the most successful. The people most subject to loneliness in our country are our American Prisoners, and those prisoners who have prevailed are the most successful. Many prisoners have learned that when they are engaged with companions through mail, telephone, and email they are much less likely to feel alone. Those successful American Prisoners are now sharing what they have learned with lonely people throughout the world. They now offer themselves as companions to anyone who wants to overcome loneliness. The prisoner's offer of companionship coupled with the availability of web based pen pal services like,, and make this opportunity accessible to everyone around the world.

A 2020 resolution, to battle depression, can now be a positive pledge that includes replacing loneliness with companionship. For more information on meeting your own successful companion visit:

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