Crypto Exchange Stays Ahead of Competition with Innovative 2020

A newly launched app, refreshed dashboard, and new token features drive momentum


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/14/2020 --While digital assets values were mixed, its clear that 2019 was a breakout year in terms of actual blockchain development. Digital asset exchanges also saw perhaps the most innovative and competitive year to date. In fact, there was the launch of too many exchanges to count. Most of them were simply white labeled productions offering no new value to traders. But they are not to be confused with a number of exchanges that did grow in value and deliver innovation. Exchanges like ZBG, Bibox, Kucoinm, BW and other dark horse trading platforms jumped out, challenging the first tier exchanges on some fronts. Although the new cutting-edge trading platforms have performed well, their strength has yet to be further accumulated due to their shorter time in the market. In contrast, (formerly CHBTC) has been operating smoothly for 7 years, growing steadily. It has the highest potential to be the top exchange of 2020.

The acronym ZB actually stands for Zillion Bit and was established in 2012 with its headquarters in Zurich and operations in Hong Kong. Today, ZB Group is also operating in Singapore covering multiple business fields such as digital assets trading platforms, wallets, venture capital, and research institutions. Highly curated, the flagship platform offers 83 currencies (158 trading pairs) after its 7 years history. Their strong community is reflected in its 24 hour turnover of about 2.642 billion USD. CoinGecko ranks at number 2 globally and scores a 10 on trust and is one of only 8 exchanges that has gained a full score out of a total of 400 exchanges.

Big Community
According to the September 2019 trading platforms report released by CryptoCompare, the trading volume of ZB spot trading exceeded $26.9 billion, with an average daily trading volume of over $890 million, and the total number of spot trading transactions ranks No.2 in the world. On October 26, ZB's 24-hour trading volume of BTC accounted for more than 50% of global volume while EOS and QC (the stable coin tied to China's currency 1:1 CNY) turnover ranked first in the world. According to the latest data from CoinMarketCap, is listed among top exchanges by liquidity, ranked 6th by liquidity metric.

At the end of June 2019, while celebrating the 6th anniversary of its establishment, ZB published the operational data of trading platform for the first time. Notably it showed that the number of registered subscribers of the app exceeds 5 million. The user's IP addresses are mainly distributed in China (54.30%), the United States (8.9%), and Australia (6.3%). The Telegram groups are very active with more than 36,000 active users, and more than 100K active users in their Wechat Groups.

Strategic Innovation
The reason that can maintain top tier status is a series of strategies that have been optimized in time and developed in a timely manner. ZB has completely updated their VIP system. VIP status can be obtained through two methods: "Direct ZB Token Purchase" and "Locked ZB Token". VIPs can enjoy transaction rates as low as 0.03 and priority participation in activities on the website. For this purpose, ZB has specially opened an activity trading area, which is specially used for trading competitions, free handling fees, up half price rush purchases and other preferential digital asset transactions.

In March 2019, the VSYS Launchpad in was a great success, with the highest ROI more than 1170%, but globally similar IEO activities entered a declining period in the second half of the year. The effects of all parties in the market are unsatisfactory, so ZB launched a new feature named "ZB UP" offering discounted access to existing top-tier projects. This innovative program rewards the ZB copmmunity with half-price snap-in channel for high-quality digital assets such as's token; LivenPay and more.
The ZB Token is has also enjoyed many new use cases. The highest increase of ZB Token price in 2019 is more than 200%. At present, ZB Token total market value is about $150 million, ranking 38th on CoinMarketCap. ZB announced a total of more than one billion were burned from the user protection fund at one time. The value was stabilized through a series of aggressive deflation policies, while the VIP was purchased directly on the site, supported to vote for listing, paying market maker service fees, deducting 50% off transaction fees, subscribing to the UP quota and other means allow ZB token to penetrate every aspect of the platform ecosystem.

In addition to the trading platform, ZB is also actively exploring diversification of services, setting up ZB Labs, dedicated to serving early and medium-term blockchain projects and entrepreneurial teams; ZB Capital dedicated to investing in the most innovative blockchain projects; ZB Research Institute, responsible for theoretical research and industry trend judgment; ZB Nexus, a top industrial think tank supporting independent projects from capital, technology, talent and other aspects, providing leadership and a more stable developmental environment.

Industry Recognition
From the events held by ZB in 2019, it can be seen that ZB's global strategic layout is accelerating. In addition to the "encrypted finance consensus" meeting jointly held by NovaClub and FINWEX in Shanghai, ZB has successively held meetups in Sao Paulo, Bangkok, New York and other major blockchain hubs. In October, Aurora Wong, Vice President of ZB Group, officially launched the top European Crypto Tour, visiting financial powers such as Germany and Switzerland to learn more about the future of the crypto economy.

At the 6th Finwise Global Summit in Macao on September 21st, won the Outstanding Digital Asset Management Platform Award. On December 27, at the "Creating with the Times" awards ceremony hosted by Jinse Finance, ZB Group won the "2019 Top 100 Blockchain Enterprises" award. ZB, which seems to survive through cracks, has not regarded the trading platform in the Chinese speaking area as a competitor for a long time. Instead, it has been growing steadily. Today's new ZB product form directly integrates IM community and transactions. Through instant messaging chat, group, point red envelope, and one-on-one chat service for customer service similar to WeChat, it greatly increases user viscosity and promotes user transactions. Become the veritable Chinese retail district's largest distribution center.

As a long-term stable trading platform, ZB has unique advantages in terms of products, experience, resources, word of mouth, and influence. In the face of unpredictable markets, ZB will also adjust its strategy in a quick, responsive manner and introduce new features to ensure the vitality and competitiveness of the platform. While 2019 saw more exchanges launch than ever before, time will reveal that only the most battle-proofed exchanges can lead the market into the next chapter of success and growth.

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