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Installing a high-quality dock leveler will help optimize the productivity of one’s business.


Ashley, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/16/2020 --Edge of dock levelers is gaining prominence for their ability to make one's business more efficient through a reliable operation. Whether it is hydraulic and mechanical, both are time and cost-effective solutions and can help one optimize one's productivity.

Featuring an activating lever, the mechanical edge of dock levelers requires a minimum effort to trigger the edge of the dock. The lever has torsion spring assists and integrated handles that eventually lead to low effort activation. Safety is, therefore, through less operational efforts. The edge of dock leveler automatically locks as the dock is extended.

The hydraulic edge of dock levelers, on the other hand, allows for reliable, stress-free operation and, therefore, maximum ROI, which is what any business should focus on. A simple push of a button that engages the self-contained hydraulic system helps activate the edge of the dock, thereby ensuring smooth, controlled, safe, and reliable operation. With an advanced hydraulic edge of dock levelers, businesses have started to become a lot more efficient these days.

Edge of dock levelers is critical when trucks are backing up to a dock. The dock board needs to lift over the truck height for simple and quick positioning. A simple pull of the handle or push of a button can help activate the edge of dock levelers. Available in standard capacities, the edge of dock levelers are capable of servicing trucks that are above or below dock levels.

Rotary Products is a leading resource for the edge of dock levelers, which feature an integrated, self-storing handle and are capable of moving back to the stored position once a truck or trailer pulls away from the dock.

Rotary Products also brings in a unique edge of dock leveler that specially designed for low height loading docks. These edge of dock levelers are placed above the existing dock height and feature an integrated ramp for a seamless transition from dock to truck or trailer.

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