The Top 3 Difficulties a Removal Company Faces

The professional man and van company Get Man and Van reveal the top 3 headaches they face daily, and how they deal with them.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/30/2020 --A professional removal service is one that many take for granted. Without such assistance, thousands of people would not be able to move their collected belongings from A to B. Like any service, it does not magically appear, but what do such companies have to deal with on the business side of things? And how do they solve those problems?

One removal company who know first hand the difficulties that come with providing a removal service is Get Man and Van. Get Man and Van have multiple years of experience in providing a variety of removal services to the people of both London and further afield. With this experience that Get Man and Van have accumulated, they know what problems they and other removal companies face, and also how to deal with those challenges.

There are three main challenges Get Man and Van, and in fact, all removal companies, have to face.
-The Competition - Starting a removal company takes relatively little start-up capital. A van and some help are all one needs to start moving furniture around. There are over 190 removal companies in London alone.
-Meeting Demand - Get Man and Van sometimes have to deal with not being able to meet demand. Though it's easy to start a removal company, being able to scale to meet demand, which is seasonal, is not so simple.
-Factors out of their control - weather, traffic, parking issues and more can all ruin well planned out day.

Get Man and Van have outlined how they deal with these issues.
With new removal companies popping up every day, the only way to stay on top is to remain relevant. Get Man and Van do this with a strong web presence while ensuring to work hard to keep their customers coming back. The best advert for a business is a happy customer.

In terms of meeting demand, the busiest period for removal services is between April and September. Get Man and Van contribute their ability to scale on-demand to professional relationships they keep with smaller removal partners, who can offer assistance when necessary.

As for the uncontrollable factors that come with the job, well, Get Man and Van have learnt to take it in their stride. They plan for the best and prepare for the worst.

Get Man and Van have been providing man and van services to the people of not just London, but cities and towns all over the UK, for over a decade. Waste clearance, home moves, office relocations, single item collections, packing services, and furniture assembly are just some of the services on offer at an affordable price. A track record of thousands of moves carried out professionally has cemented Get Man and Van as one of the top removal firms nationwide, with an aim to keep providing such services and holding that title for years to come. For more information, visit

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