Botto's Italian Line Restaurant Survives 24 Hours to Hell and Back with Chef Gordon Ramsay

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay takes on Botto's Italian Line Restaurant of Swedesboro, NJ in Tuesday's episode of 24 Hours to Hell and Back on Fox.

Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2020 --Botto's Italian Line Restaurant, an Italian eatery located in Swedesboro, New Jersey, recently had an unexpected visitor stop by their restaurant. Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay and his team were there to give the restaurant a complete overhaul—from the floors to the food back in October 2019.

The Botto family and staff agreed to allow cameras inside their establishment, with no knowledge of the celebrity chef's involvement. And boy, were they in for a surprise when Ramsay's state-of-the-art mobile kitchen showed up.

Ramsay, undercover, was served a bevy of Italian specialties, served up by Chef Enrico Botto Sr., the youngest of the four Botto sons. After sampling Botto's best and being less than impressed with the decor, Ramsay had had enough. The disguise was removed and with that, the 24-hour countdown began.

Ramsay's renovation team got to work, while Chef Gordon Ramsay introduced Robert Botto Jr. and his brother, Chef Enrico Botto, to a new menu, full of fresh new options and signature dishes. The award-winning chef was met with many frustrations, all arising from the Botto brothers who were so deeply rooted in their Italian family's traditions, they were hesitant to try anything new. In the end, Gordon Ramsay helped the Botto family to be better than ever.

Looking back on their experience, getting a second chance at success has meant a lot to the Botto family. Robert Botto Jr., says "Having Gordon Ramsay here helping my family's legacy continue on has meant so much. It was tough, but we came out refreshed and with a new outlook for the restaurant. I'm grateful for this amazing opportunity we had."

Tune in to watch Botto's episode on Tuesday, January 28th at 9/8c on FOX. For more information about Botto's Italian Line Restaurant and their Market, please visit their website at:

About Botto's Italian Line Restaurant
The humble beginnings of Botto's Italian Line Restaurant dates back to 1964 with Robert Sr. and his wife, Catherine. Working tirelessly in the Botto meat shop, an Italian legacy was born. Botto's Italian Line Restaurant opened its doors on February 7, 1998. The restaurant, to this day, is alive with wonderful aromas, romantic sounds and gorgeous beauty that resembles Robert Botto Sr.'s travels. The restaurant embodies the Italian Riviera and the late Robert Botto Sr., who sadly passed away in 2007. For a wonderful trip that you won't soon forget, visit Botto's Italian Line Restaurant, Swedesboro's own little slice of Italy.

About Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back
24 Hours to Hell and Back features award-winning celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay and his team who drive all over the country in a state-of-the-art mobile kitchen, called Hell On Wheels. Going undercover, Gordon surveys the restaurant and then comes up with a strategic plan to make the restaurant better than ever, including renovations, new menu items, and hope for the future—all in 24 hours.

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