Liquid Screed Now Offers More Advanced Moisture Testing Services for Proper Flooring Installation

Gloucester, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/11/2020 --The right flooring is essential for any commercial or residential property, and if the flooring is uneven or covered in minute particles, it will not have a long lifespan and may even crack or become loose over time. Fortunately, this is something that can be addressed with the proper flooring preparation, from liquid floor screeding to laitance removal and moisture testing, which is offered by a premier company like Liquid Screed. Today, Liquid Screed offers even more advanced moisture testing services and procedures for its clients, ensuring the best flooring installation they could expect.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2020 – There are many ways through which flooring can be appropriately prepared for a floor covering or other flooring installation, such as water underfloor heating, and one of the most important is moisture testing. Moisture testing, as Liquid Screed explains, is crucial to make sure that the liquid screed is already properly dried to the best level so a subsequent floor cover can then be installed. If moisture testing isn't done – or isn't done in the proper manner – then this can result in some severe issues when the final flooring is laid out. For instance, if there is too much additional moisture in a concrete screeded floor, this can bring about condensation, movement, delamination, and adhesive degradation. If the home or building has additional underfloor heating, this can cause serious damage to the installation as well.

Liquid Screed knows exactly what is required when it comes to the most ideal flooring installation, and its services have helped numerous customers throughout the UK get the best flooring installation for their needs and requirements. Liquid Screed is one company that specialises not only in liquid floor screeding but also water underfloor heating, laitance removal, and moisture testing.

When it comes to moisture testing, Liquid Screed's recommendations have been trusted by both property owners and building and construction specialists for years. And today, Liquid Screed offers even more advanced moisture testing services for the most selective clients. For instance, aside from just Tramex Manual testing, Liquid Screed also makes use of Calcium Carbide testing as well as Hair Hygrometer testing.

According to Liquid Screed, Hair Hygrometer testing involves measuring the water vapour and humidity levels in the property, whilst Calcium Carbide testing is highly accurate and involves measuring the moisture level in screed up to a depth of 50% of the screed's thickness.

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Liquid Screed has become the go-to service for liquid floor screeding in the UK, but it also specialises in other important flooring services such as laitance removal, water underfloor heating installations, and moisture testing. For the best and most recent info on its moisture testing services as well as other services, visit the company's site.

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