Beverly Hills Estate Lawyer Lars Kushner Explains Estate Planning for Members of the LGBTQ Community

Estate Planning can lead to smoother transitions in situations where there can be high levels of conflict between partners and family members.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2020 --Estate planning is vital for ensuring that upon death, the people nearest and dearest will be provided for. In the LGBTQ community, there can still be considerable acrimony between individuals and family members. As laws change, it's important to stay on top of changing state laws that can have significant estate and tax implications. For more, go to:

As an estate lawyer in Beverly Hills, the team at Kushner Legal works to produce legal and binding wills that ensure a client's final wishes are met. One of the most significant concerns in the process of Estate planning is the desire to ensure that children are taken care of in the event of a parent's death. A properly drafted Estate plan is critical in LGBTQ families where one parent may not be the legal parent of the children or where one partner may wish to provide for their partner's children in a trust but they have not been legally adopted.

If a person dies without a properly executed Estate plan, the law of the state where they resided will step in to guide the distribution of assets. California law names spouses and blood relatives as intestate successors, which means that blood relatives will stand to inherit even in circumstances where there may be an estrangement or discrimination between the deceased and biological family.

Estate planning is essential to minimize conflict upon a death so that estranged family members do not have the opportunity to meddle or interfere with the affairs of the deceased. Through the use of a properly drafted Trust, the assets of the Deceased can be distributed efficiently and privately without the need for court intervention in a process where access to information can be limited to beneficiaries.

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