Appinium Announces Major Update to the Most Effective Way for Salesforce Users to Leverage Video, Multimedia, and Learning

Appinium’s technology makes them the only option for Salesforce users who want real-time marketing, sales enablement, learning and customer-service data, all in one place.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2020 --While there are currently multiple sales-enablement and video marketing options on the Salesforce platform, Appinium is the only one that offers comprehensive marketing, sales enablement, customer-success, and learning data build natively on Salesforce.

Their ViewTrac app allows Salesforce users to view a wide range of data for video, podcasts, interactive video, and multimedia assets, including; who is watching those videos, who is interacting with the video, who is listening, how much of those videos they watched, where they watched them and at what point they engaged with them. With ViewTrac, Salesforce users can ensure that their multimedia assets are always being viewed by the right people at the right time to drive behavior.

With Appinium's LearnTrac app, Salesforce users can engage customers, employees and partners like never before. Now, users can deliver contextual, targeted eLearning as part of a larger Salesforce strategy, seamlessly and effortlessly. LearnTrac also allows Salesforce users to obtain relevant and unique data regarding the efficacy of sales-training efforts, customer-support costs, employee performance and much more.

"No one brings together data on human behavior as it relates to business the way we do."- says Appinium CEO and Founder, Steven Jacobson, "Think of Appinium as a river that picks up vital information regarding marketing, sales-enablement, learning and customer-service along the way. That data ensures connectivity, and it's connectivity that drives behavior."

Appinium recognizes that the future is driven by data. Which is why their team of engineers, sales professionals and entrepreneurs have gone to great lengths to build a product that acquires, compiles and delivers an unprecedented level of marketing, sales learning and customer-success data on the platform where it can be used most effectively – Salesforce.

User acceptance testing of the updated app (version 4.1) is scheduled to begin May 30, 2020, with an official release planned for June 23, 2020.


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