SmartRoster - The New Standard in Ministry and Volunteer Scheduling

Duncraig, Western Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2007 -- SmartRoster, Now available in Version 3.1, has revolutionised the process of scheduling people for churches and many other types of organization.

SmartRoster was made for Churches, and is being used in a dozen different countries, by all major Christian denominations. Churches have complex scheduling needs that were previously not well catered to. Finally church administrators have a tool capable of juggling the complex demands of managing tens to many hundreds of individual volunteers in tens to hundreds of interrelated tasks, and in many different daily, weekly or adhoc activities.

Testament to it's flexibility and power, current users include US and Australian government departments, AustraliaPost, Youth service groups, Training providers, Volunteer service groups such as Rotary, Sporting groups, Retail and Manufacturing operations.

SmartRoster makes complex constraints programming technology available on the street in a form that is both affordable and easy to use.

How easy? Download the trial and try this...

1. Define your Events - repeating daily, weekly, monthly, annually or at adhoc intervals
2. Define your Roles - linking them to events and setting their properties such as how many people for each role/event combination are required
3. Enter your People - setting their absences, preferred serving frequencies, and relationships, preferred events, and possible roles - or import them using the powerful import function
4. Create association preferences, such as who prefers (or must) be scheduled together or apart
5. Schedule them manually using the powerful and intuitive drag and drop interface
6. Finally hit the AutoFill key and watch as SmartRoster fills all the remaining vacant slots, and optimises the schedule according to your preferences
7. Create reports using many different built-in formats, using SmartRoster's own viewer to see the output before printing, exporting to MS Word®, adobe pdf format or even as tab-delimited data
8. Distribute your reports via email - SmartRoster was to first such program to be able to automatically create and email personalised reports (with a person's name highlighted)
9. Create daily individualized email reminders of who is required in which duties
10. Automatically share your data over a LAN or by internet-connected PCs at completely different locations - even across the world!

SmartRoster includes many other features to tailor the schedule, such as options for defining preferred frequency, the ability to define and manage people into groups and households, the ability to place complex restrictions across events and roles based on membership of groups.

Best of all, you can try SmartRoster yourself free of charge for 30 days while accessing the acclaimed support services of Davallia Technology to assist you with your evaluation. We can even extend the free trial period if necessary so you can have complete confidence when you make your purchase.

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