3D City - A Second Life of Your Dating or Community Site Visitors

Copenhagen, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2007 -- 3D City is an online virtual world that can be used on ANY site that has members. All you have to do is to puchase 3D City software, and we will install it for you seamlessly. You will have one more menu item - 3D City.

Your member comes to the site, logs in as usual and then see a new menu item, you can call it 3D City or Virtual World, does not matter. He clicks the link and another browser window opens. At the same time the browser loads the player and the environment itself. After the virtual world has been downloaded the user comes to the 3D City, without having to log in. He will have his actual login info working in the 3D environment also.

The 3D engine decides which settings to use depending on the user's PC characteristics automatically. The user walks in the streets, sits iin the bar, chats with other members, makes friends and enjoys.

While being in the City, the user can use the other pages of your site. This module of your site will bring more thankful visitors than any webcam chat software.

The 3D Avatar Chat has all the professional features of mass communication system. The users will not have to download additional client programs. They will only use their browsers to navigate and mix in the 3D City.

Independence from any client software

Usually if we talk about online 3d chats, virtual environments or cyber worlds, we mean no actually that they are independent. You will have to download a program that will be run on your computer and make it possible for you to walk in the 3D environment. This makes it all a bit too complicated and moreover it is quite impossible to make this 3D city a part of a community or dating site. In our 3D Chat Software it is all quite different - all takes place in an ordinary browser.

Infinite scalability of the 3D City for free

We constantly work on new locations, features, models, improvements. You get this all for free for lifetime. For example, when a new location like Disco Bar appears, you just upload it to your server and the users see that the door that earlier was closed is now accessible.

Fast downloading of the locations

The locations are optimized as much as possible. For example the graphics of the Bar location takes now only 1 MB of space. So the 3D Environment can be used not only by those with fast connections. Also all locations are downloaded one by one, when needed, and only once.

Nicely drawn locations, like in a 3D game

All 3D modellers and artists as well as programmers in our crew are real professionals. The quality of the images and 3D environment is not worse than that of the most popular 3D games.

Media Relations Contact

Ase Soerensen
3D City Development Group LTD.
+45 (36) 96 75 45

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