eEye Prevents the Spread of Botnets

Security leader announces endpoint security product has long included antibot and antibotnet protection to its users

Aliso Viejo, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/27/2007 -- eEye Digital Security®, a leading developer of unified client security and vulnerability management tools, today announced that its flagship Blink endpoint security product has long included antibot and antibotnet protection to its users since the product’s market introduction in 2005.

"The solution to prevent the spread of bots and botnets is freely available today and has been for some time," says Marc Maiffret, co-founder and CTO, eEye Digital Security, "Unlike our competitors, our endpoint security technology Blink® has long included antibot technology at no extra charge."

A botnet is a collection of networked computers that interact to accomplish some distributed task. The term "botnet" typically refers to such a system designed and used for illegal purposes. Such systems are composed of compromised machines that are assimilated without their owner's knowledge. The compromised machines are referred to as 'drones' or 'zombies', the malicious software running on them as 'bot'.

Keylogging is likely the most threatening form of the botnet feature, targeting an individual's privacy and personal data. Bots can watch for keyboard activity and report the keystrokes upstream to be used at a later time to gain access to confidential information and account details belonging to both individuals and businesses.

Blink Personal and Blink Enterprise editions immediately identify system and application flaws that currently go undetected and unpatched despite using Microsoft Windows Update. Blink leverages its powerful intrusion prevention system combines with multiple protection layers built into a single lightweight agent protecting systems and confidential information with:

• Intrusion prevention and system protection from remote attacks including botnets - preventing computers from morphing into zombies or bots;
• Multiple antivirus engines, including zero-day protection;
• Spyware and adware detection and removal;
• Antiphishing and identity theft attempt prevention;
• System and application firewalls to control remote access to your system;
• Detection of missing patches for applications and the operating system;
• Detection of configuration issues that lower system security.

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