Tech-Long Earns Its Spur in Smart Packaging System


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2020 --The deep integration of the Internet and information technology has brought great opportunities and challenges to the traditional packaging industry in recent years. The packaging manufacturing industry is also developing towards the direction of intelligent production under the guidance of Internet technology. As a traditional packaging supplier, Tech-Long has been trying to carry out digital transformation and has made considerable achievements in the smart packaging system.

In the FMCG industry, such as food and beverage, the high requirements of personalized packaging, health, environmental protection, and so forth from the consumer market have directly pushed the packaging equipment toward a more intelligent direction. If traditional packaging suppliers catch up with the development of the times, establishing intelligent production lines to improve the efficiency of packaging technology and meet the changing needs of the consumer market seems urgent.

In this case, the smart packaging system came into being, quickly occupied the market, and made advanced progress. It is reported that the global smart packaging market is expected to reach 26.7 billion US dollars by 2024. In addition, smart packaging technology providing new business opportunities based on digitalization is suitable for the wider field of industry 4.0. To establish a smart factory for clients through the deep integration of information and automation has become a trend, which is what Tech-Long pursue.

Tech-Long keenly found the business opportunities of the smart packaging system. Furthermore, through an in-depth exploration of customer needs, it provided top-level planning and design of packaging equipment for global customers covering different industries such as food, beverage, dairy products, condiments, daily chemicals, and so on.

Tech-Long is a packaging supplier of beverage packaging machines located in Guangzhou, China. With years of continuous research and investment in smart packaging technology, Tech-Long has accumulated rich experience and is familiar with each industrial production process, enabling to offer smart beverage packaging solutions to customers worldwide. These solutions include water treatment and beverage pretreatment systems, such as PET blow Molding Machines, Filling Machine, Blowing-Filling-Capping Monobloc, secondary packaging equipment series, liquid product integrated packaging line, and so forth.

In addition to the R&D of packaging machines, Tech-Long has made remarkable achievements in the smart packaging system. As the only national enterprise technology center in the packaging industry, Tech-Long has successfully developed a data collection and management system based on SCADA with the help of Internet and sensor technology, which is used for key packaging equipment (PET blow molding machines and filling machines), making the management of smart packaging system more transparent and visible.

Remote operation and maintenance system is established to realize remote monitoring, fault warning, maintenance, and repair. Moreover, its personalized services, such as parts management based on big data and artificial intelligence technology, have improved operational efficiency. Under the smart packaging system, each manufacturing process's functions are more clear, and the level of management improves significantly to reduce management costs.

It has to be said that Tech-Long has been a leader in the field of packaging equipment after years of exploration. In the future, Tech-Long will seize the opportunity brought by industry 4.0 and bring perfect smart packaging solutions to customers through the Internet of things technology.

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Founded in 1999, Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a packaging supplier specializing in research and development of beverage packaging machines. Being the leader in the packaging industry, Tech-Long has obtained many patents in beverage packaging complete equipment, and many of its products have won the pride of National High-tech Product. Tech-Long hopes to establish long-term cooperation with partners in the packaging industry to provide the best solution in the smart packaging system.

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