Tweets Beat Texting for Miami Heat and Knicks Fans

LocaModa Takes Social Media To Big Leagues

Cambridge, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2012 --LocaModa today announced partnerships with the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks.

As it is becoming more commonplace for brands to connect to fans at and beyond their events, there is a growing awareness of the opportunity to engage entire communities via multi-screen marketing – e.g. mobile, web, TV and event signage.

This strategy comes at a time when marketing executives are witnessing the advantages of leveraging the reach of social media over text messaging. Although text messaging has been used for a number of years to engage fans at events (for example, encouraging them to send messages to jumbotrons), such messages can only generate engagement with fans at the event.

With LocaModa, event managers can stream any social media (including text messages) to screens while providing enterprise moderation tools in real-time. At a recent game in Madison Square Gardens, over 42,000 messages were generated and fans at the game could see real-time moderated tweets, instagram photos and emails on the big screens.

The LocaModa platform is regularly used to enable massive engagement for brands including AT&T, GM, Gatorade and Diet Coke and at events including American Idol Tours and a recent concert with The Black Eyed Peas that benefited the Robin Hood Foundation, New York City’s largest poverty-fighting organization.

Greg Stellato, Sports & Event Licensing, LocaModa said, “We’re delighted to have leading teams embrace our technology.” He also added, “But as we’re a Boston company, our moderation tools are really stress tested when our passionate local fans get their phones out at a New York game.”

LocaModa has a granted patent for the method of connecting web-based networks (such as Twitter and Facebook) to place-based digital networks to foster cross-channel engagement. The LocaModa platform doesn’t just result in a more engaged audience, it is also being used by customers to reduce the complexities of real time messaging on their digital signage systems.

LocaModa’s CEO, Stephen Randall is speaking at the 2012 Digital Signage Expo, March 8th at 9.00 am in “An Interactive Shootout: Digital Convergence Fact Vs Fiction.

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