CFMOTO Brand Story - Embodiement of "More Fun"in Italy


Hangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/24/2021 --CORE VALUES
CFMOTO has been dedicated in the powersports industry for the past 31 years, offering products ranging from ATV, Side-by-Side Vehicles, Motorcycles, Engines to Parts & Accessories. Starting from a small manufacturer of motorcycle parts, to the leading powersports brand name in China and enjoy a high reputation in the world, CFMOTO serves the customers all over the world with well-developed products and customer-focused experience.

After decades of development, CFMOTO has defined its core values to be "Determined, Progressive and More Fun". The core values have not only become CFMOTO people's behavior standards but also the brand behavior which tells how the brand is interacting with its customers.

We would say, "Determined" refers to the powerful drive and determination to stand out and be individual, to pursue exceptionally designed, innovative, more reliable and rewarding leisure vehicles. Never letting any challenge defeat us and continually exploring new possibilities –CFMOTO is here to stay.

"Progressive" means a commitment to looking ahead and striving for more. Never resting on CFMOTO laurels, we are always searching for better, more efficient, innovative and practical ways to create leisure vehicles that are enjoyable but are functional, reliable and captivating like CFMOTO vehicles – always moving forward.

"More fun" is an optimistic and passionate approach to delivering a kick. The CFMOTO brand embodies a passion for a fun driving experience. Striving to bring engineering excellence to the world. Creating thrilling, powerful vehicles for maximum shared user enjoyment –CFMOTO powersports products are fun, exciting and rewarding.

As a matter of fact, it took us a long time to define what we are and how we should behave, while our distributors are the ones who practice and convey the values in different parts of the world every single day. We are glad to see that these values become the guidance of CFMOTO people's behaviors and are materialized into real actions.



This is an exceptional case where the people didn't wear helmets during riding. The disabled are not able to wear helmets due to health problems after consulting Italian doctors and for better interaction between riders and the disabled, the professional riders didn't wear helmets either and rode their vehicles slowly in dedicated areas, cordoned off. The event was organized with the collaboration of an insurance company and done in compliance with the law and safety regulations.

To make one example for More Fun, in 2020, CFMOTO's authorized distributor in Italy, IMEX's team and riders from a local team named DABOOT, gave a huge smile to those who are less fortunate than us: the disabled children. They organized an event to bring the children together to taste the unique experience of riding a CFMOTO. The diseases have taken away their ability to ride a vehicle themselves, while CFMOTO people believe they should not be deprived of the right to taste the fun and passion even for once in their life.

In this activity, optimistic smile kept shinning on the face of these children though experiencing the tough life. Positively influenced by these riders, the disabled children were able to open their mind, conquer their fear and enjoy the beautiful moments on the wheels. "We hope to ignite the passion of their life" said one of the riders. Riding alone can bring you great sensation of freedom, while riding to bring extraordinary experiences for others is a generous and selfless gesture.

The Italian stunt rider Maurizio Pera Perin put on stunt shows for the children. "It is not the riding skills that made a huge impression but the children's engagement" he said. In spite of the stressful global pandemic situation, CFMOTO's Italian distributor, IMEX, as well as DABOOT, rather than keep indifferent when facing these children, on the contrary, they contributed to what "More fun" exactly meant. Even though the masks covered the riders' smile on their lips, but not the ones inside their eyes.

We aim to provide enjoyable and fun riding experience to people across the world. The life on wheels does not necessarily mean CFMOTO forgets the people on the sidewalk. In the year of 2021, it is strongly believed that, more care will be spread, more stories will be enlightened, more fun will be created within the global community.

More living stories and practices that explain the core of core values will be to follow. More stories and highlights from local communities are welcome to share to the headquarters. Thanks!

Founded in 1989, CFMOTO develops, manufactures, markets and delivers the world's most reliable and cost-effective motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, Side-by-Side utility vehicles, and power sports engines, parts, gears and accessories, which are distributed through more than 2000 companions worldwide. CFMOTO is edging into the advanced ranks in the world in the power sports industry and aims at supplying super products to dealers and fans globally.


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