Alarming Burglary Statistics Prompts FCS to Publish the 5 Best Ways to Secure a Front Door

Statistics show there are roughly 1.4 million home break-ins every year. Fighting Chance Solutions addresses this problem by giving readers the best ways to secure a front door and prevent a burglary in their latest article.


Muscatine, IA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/25/2020 --The burglary statistics for 2020 show alarming numbers. There are 1.4 million home break-ins, the average value lost per burglary is $2,416, and it only takes 8-14 minutes for a burglar to break in and get out.

Furthermore, the statistics also show that 34% of burglars get in through the front door. Only 4% of that is due to unlocked doors, most burglars get in by kicking the door and breaking it. This shows that improving front door security is critical nowadays.

That's why Fighting Chance Solutions - a company committed to providing door security products to everyone - released a new article detailing the best ways to strengthen and secure a front door.

The article highlights the critical weaknesses in front doors and how they can be fixed with simple methods.

The first point suggests replacing regular front door screws with 3-inch screws. According to the article, the main reason why it's easy for burglars to kick down front doors is because their screws are too short.

"These screws are so shallow, one shove can yank the strike plate off and open the door." Daniel Nietzel, CEO of FCS, explains. "That's why you should install 3-inch [screws]. This way, it'll take a lot more force to destroy the [door]."

It then suggests that readers install a single-sided-deadbolt lock to prevent lockpicks, add a door alarm, and upgrade to a fully solid door.

The list ends by informing readers that the best and easiest way to secure a front door is by getting the Rampart - Fighting Chance Solutions' door security bar.

The Rampart is said to be the most robust door security bar in the market. "While other security bars might give, the Rampart was built to withstand even the hardest blows." This door security bar can handle "...up to 670 lbs of force," which is more than enough to keep intruders out.

Fighting Chance Solutions claims the Rampart is the ultimate way to secure a front door with its strength, fast deployment, and easy-to-use design.

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