Physical Therapy Can Help People Recover and Improve Mobility and Function


Saratoga Springs, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2020 --Rehabilitation therapies help patients recover or improve their abilities to move and function in daily life. Trained therapists evaluate and treat limiting physical function due to injury, disease, or disability. Physical therapy is an effective and less invasive treatment option to improve mobility and function in the elderly, children, and everyone in between.

"Physical and occupational therapies are in large part educational," said Tyler Brinkerhoff, Intermountain Healthcare certified physical therapist. "We teach patients what to do and how to do it so they can continue to practice skills at home between therapy sessions. Patients become active participants in their own rehabilitation. We help people get back to their normal lives."

Rehabilitation therapies help patients recover from an injury, disease, or surgery that causes movement or function to be lost. Neurological therapies help patients recover from stroke and brain/spinal cord injuries. Therapy also helps people recover from sports injuries, joint replacements, and even cancer. Physical therapy can help reduce or eliminate pain during the recovery process.

"Continuing research in neuroplasticity in enabling physical therapy to help with recovery from stroke and to help people with Parkinson's," Brinkerhoff said. "Physical therapy is beneficial to people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries as well as those with multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy."

Rehabilitation therapies help patients improve their movement and function. Physical therapy not only improves mobility, it can improve balance and help prevent falls. Occupational therapy helps patients improve their ability to perform daily tasks like dressing, toileting, and feeding themselves. This helps people become more independent and reduces the burden on caregivers.

A new Intermountain Neuro and Pediatric Rehabilitation clinic recently opened just north of the Cedar City Hospital. This new outpatient clinic serves the physical, neurological, occupational, and speech/language therapy needs of patients of all ages – including children.

"To have therapy services such as these so close to home in Cedar City is making a big difference for a lot of people," said Brinkerhoff, certified physical therapist at the new Intermountain clinic. "When patients have physical therapy three times a week, not having to travel to St. George to do it is huge. As an Intermountain facility, the clinic is able to access and coordinate care with Cedar City Hospital, Dixie Regional Medical Center, and local physicians."

The Intermountain Neuro and Pediatric Rehabilitation clinic in Cedar City has four licensed healthcare specialists including a physical therapist, two occupational therapists, and a speech/language pathologist. The facility features specialized adaptive equipment and devices designed to help adults and children improve their balance, coordination, communication, and motor skills.

"We are excited to offer these important services in Cedar City," said Brinkerhoff. "Currently, therapists and patients are required to wear masks and/or face shields. We are being extra diligent about keeping everything clean. We are doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while still helping people live the healthiest and best lives possible."

For more information contact the Intermountain Neuro and Pediatric Rehabilitation clinic in Cedar City at 435-868-6200. Or click here for information on Intermountain Pediatric Rehabilitation services.

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