CHENKSE LED Large Energy-Saving Outdoor Fully Waterproof Fixed LED Display Screen

Shenzhen, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/26/2020 --As one of the top ten LED manufacturers in China, CHENKSE LED has launched one of their latest products, namely outdoor and indoor energy-saving fixed LED displays. The latest design is more energy-efficient, with an energy-saving effect of 60%. And display clearer and brighter images. This lightweight, flat and gapless LED display is very suitable for outdoor use.

For each 960x960mm professional design cabinet, their LED screen weighs only 27 kg. Enough for two people to install the weight of an entire screen. Its standard module size is 320x320mm, with front service. The standard cabinet size is 960x969mm. It has front and back access.

Their professional cabinets are manufactured by CNC machines, which makes the clearance and flatness much better than other ordinary steel cabinets. In addition, their indoor fixed LED display has a high refresh rate. There is a refresh rate option between 3840Hz / 5760Hz options. These choices will ensure that none of these screens will flicker during use.

Fixed outdoor and outdoor LED display applications
These LED display signs can use several methods. These are the most common.

Factory application – These LED displays can display the production information of the factory so that you can easily track production and make appropriate adjustments.

Trading room and call center display screens – Just like in a factory, these LED screens can also be used to display relevant information for people in the trading room and call center.

Used as a scoreboard – LED scoreboards are also very commonly used in sports
Retail stores-Retail stores can also use LED signs to promote their latest products or discounted products.

Reception purpose-In large hotels, LED screens are usually used as welcome equipment.

Entertainment use-This is the most common application for LED screens. It can be used for personal purposes as well as entertainment activities, such as concerts, weddings and other events that use LED screens.

Product exhibitions and exhibits-Another way to use these indoor LED screens is to use them to display promotional information in exhibitions and exhibits. It can be used as a display screen to play informative videos about the products you are showing.

Large outdoor advertising-usually used in building advertising LED display, large advertising signs on the highway.

CHENKSE LED is located in Baoan District, Shenzhen, China. It is one of the leading providers of LED screen products and solutions. At the time of writing, they are only dedicated to providing excellent products and professional services to overseas customers.

Providing customers with quality products and services by providing excellent pre-sales services is their way to ensure that every customer gets what they need. In addition to the famous pre-sale service, they also provide excellent after-sales service, such as providing comprehensive solutions for customers' projects. They also provide technical training.

Their level of commitment to providing quality products and services has been well received by customers. Their goal is to ensure that they can meet customer needs.

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