NUAIRS AMERICA Announces the Release of the NuAirs Powered Air Mask.

Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/02/2020 --NUAIRS AMERICA announces the release of the NuAirs Powered Air Mask. This revolutionary mask filters out harmful bacteria, irritants, allergens, carbon emissions and viruses.

COVID-19 has created a new normal, that includes rigorous hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing. "I wanted a mask that would be durable, comfortable, and eco-friendly with medical grade protection and filtration. I didn't find one, so I created one!" says President and Founder of NuAirs America, Lael Alexander.

What really set's the NuAirs America mask apart is the Built-In Micro Turbocharger, which actively brings in air, enabling smoother breathing — in addition, the breather valve, eliminates second-tier respiratory waste and gas pollution. The filter and clean air regeneration module create clean air circulation with a minimum of 99% filtration.

Mask wearing in public places stands to remain for the foreseeable future. At NuAirs America, we are committed to re-imagining the possibilities with groundbreaking technology, delivering superior, innovative, and effective personal hygiene and cleaning solutions. For every family, everywhere.

NuAirs America Power Air Masks are available now at Noitavonne Retail Stores and online

Click the link to view demo! >>> NuAirs America Powered Air Mask

About NuAirs America
NUAIRS America is a manufacturer of personal protection equipment (PPE), sterilization, sanitation equipment and other related products to combat COVID 19 and improve the environmental conditions. NUAIRS mission is to create safer workplaces and homes. "We believe in a world where people are free to work without risk to their wellbeing" Lael Alexander, Founder and CEO of NuAirs America.

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