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Coral Spring, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/08/2020 --An asbestos analysis is now available for homes and businesses in South, Central and North Florida due to the expansion of Aeris. Surveys are performed by a certified asbestos inspector trained in accordance with the standards of the industry. Asbestos testing is conducted by a thorough and safe team to ensure the risk associated with hazardous materials is managed effectively.

Asbestos Health Issues

The assumption is asbestos is present in a wide range of building materials including drywall, insulation, caulking and linoleum flooring. These materials become hazardous if they are classified as friable. This means the material will crumble easily. The danger is asbestos fibers can be released directly into the air. Scientific studies show breathing asbestos can lead to specific diseases including:

Scarring of the Lungs:

Breathing asbestos fibers can scar the lungs. Once this occurs, carbon dioxide and oxygen are unable to pass through the lungs easily. The result is difficulty breathing. Scarring is generally an issue due to high asbestos exposure for lengthy periods of time. Residential air quality testing is necessary for the detection of asbestos before any damage is done.

Pleural Disease:

This lung condition is non-cancerous but results in changes in the membrane around the chest cavity and lungs. The membrane can become thicker or fluids can build around the lungs. Although pleural changes do not always result in difficulty breathing, lung function often becomes less efficient. An asbestos analysis is critical for the prevention of pleural disease.

Increased Risk of Developing Specific Cancers:

Asbestos exposure increases the risk of lung cancer. This is a malignant tumor blocking air passages to the lungs. The risk of mesothelioma also increases. This rare cancer covers the chest cavity and lungs. Symptoms might not appear for 30 to 40 years after asbestos exposure. Asbestos exposure can also lead to cancer of the colorectum, stomach and pharynx.

Aeris Asbestos Services

Aeris provides Florida homes and businesses with air quality testing including:

- Help managing materials containing asbestos.

- Identification and monitoring of asbestos materials before demolition or refurbishment.

- Providing accurate information and data regarding the location, condition and amount of asbestos materials.

- Excellent reporting to satisfy regional and local standards and regulations.

- Managing repairs and renovations with appropriate surveys and testing for disturbances and materials.

Professional Asbestos Air Testing vs Home Testing Kits

Residential air quality testing is routine before renovations or electrical and plumbing work. The two options are hiring a professional and using a home testing kit . There are several reasons why professional testing is preferable.

Mitigating Asbestos Dangers

Yes, the initial cost of a home kit is cheaper. The problem is home kits may not accurate as professional tests and can expose the user to harmful particles of asbestos. Professionals are equipped and trained to mitigate the dangers of asbestos.

Professional Testing as a Requirement

Certain townships and cities require professional asbestos testing by a licensed asbestos consultant business. This is to protect employees such as ones who are demolition materials, installing plumbing, flooring, and electrical wiring. Many companies require professional asbestos testing before beginning work. Using an at-home kit can delay home projects and renovations.

Accurate Results

A certified asbestos inspector is licensed and provides accurate results. Numerous local and state authorities hold the licensed asbestos consultant responsible for test results. Aeris provides a final report including all findings. If there is an issue, Aeris is held responsible.

The Trusted Air Quality Testing Professionals

Home repairs and renovations can be dangerous if asbestos is present. Aeris offers asbestos testing and sampling to Miami, Orlando, Broward Country and Palm Beach County. This helps eliminate risks related to disturbances from asbestos and mitigates the costs of potential asbestos removal. Not only is asbestos common in older buildings, but it is also present in modern materials.

Contrary to popular belief, asbestos is not only found in buildings constructed before 1980. The only way to be certain there is no hazardous level of asbestos in cement, roof shingles, siding and ceiling, floor tiles, and many other materials is with a professional inspection.

Aeris Indoor Environmental Services offers environmental assessments and testing performed by seasoned pros through South, Central and North Florida. For information about Aeris and their i ndoor air quality services, reach out by email at info@aerisaq.com or call 844-692-3747.

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