More Women Are Choosing to Freeze Their Eggs According to Vancouver Fertility Centre

Egg freezing is a viable way for women to preserve eggs for future use


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/16/2020 --As one of Canada's Leading IVF and Fertility Centres, Olive Fertility Centre offers fertility services and egg freezing in Vancouver. For women who aren't ready for children, egg freezing can increase the chance of achieving a successful pregnancy when the time is right. For more, go to

There are many reasons that a woman may decide to freeze her eggs for future use. More women today decide to freeze their eggs because they are not yet ready to start a family.

The average egg most women consider egg freezing is around 37. However, the age spectrum ranges from the early thirties to forties. Many people in this age range may be establishing their career, paying off student loans, or searching for the right partner. Egg freezing at the Olive Fertility Centre relieves the stress of trying to beat the clock.

Women may also consider egg freezing for a variety of medical reasons including:

- Losing an ovary to surgery
- Having a disease, like stage V endometriosis, that can diminish egg reserve
- Having a medical condition that requires taking medication that is toxic to eggs
- Having to take high doses of testosterone medication
- Having a family history of premature menopause
- Testing positive for low egg reserve

Egg freezing lets women take charge of their fertility and lives by preserving eggs when they are most fertile, so there are greater options when it comes to creating a family in the future.

To learn more about fertility services and egg freezing in Vancouver, contact Olive Fertility Centre in Vancouver.

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