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Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/31/2020 --Tech-Long is an experienced liquid product packing machine supplier and familiarizes itself with every industrial production process. Tech-Long has smart packing technology to produce a high-quality smart packing system. It is a high-tech packing machine automated manufacturer with excellent R&D capability, providing a solid base for product quality and contentiously invests in digital and automatic processing equipment. Because of its outstanding liquid product packing machine, Tech-Long has received extensive attention from the industry.

Blowing-Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock
As an experienced liquid product packaging machine manufacturer, Tech-Long has many high-quality products, one of which is the Blowing-Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine. Tech-Long is the pioneer of the monoblock machine with key technology of PET blower and filler. The Blowing-Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine efficiently integrates blow molding, labelling, filling, and capping machines in one block.

Advantages of Blowing-Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine

High capacity
Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine's capacity can come up to 48000BPH.

Area saving
Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine can save 20%-30% occupation area beyond the reach of traditional production lines. The traditional bottle packing machines usually occupy a large space, which adds extra cost to the manufacturers. Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine can help the company reduce the floor space and solve the problem of land shortage.

Fewer operators
Compared with the traditional equipment, which needs three operators, these packing machines only need one operator. The optimization of the Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine enables the company to reduce the workforce and material resources. It also helps to save the cost of recruiting operators.

Compatible with different bottles sizes
Different from ordinary automatic packing machines, Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine supports the rapid replacement of bottle parts. Enterprises only need a Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine to package different types of bottles. It can help companies reduce the cost of equipment, which is convenient and cost-effective.

Better protection for the bottle
When it comes to packing machines, many companies are worried that automatic packing machines will damage the bottles during the packaging process. But for Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine, there is no such concern. Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine transfers the bottles through the bottle gripper during the packaging process, protecting the bottle body from damage and reducing unnecessary losses.

High production efficiency with MES intelligent management system
Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine has an MES intelligent management system with multiple functions such as control, maintenance, and management, making the packing machines' production efficiency exceeds 98%.

Equipped with visual inspection and ejection system
The traditional packaging machines can only complete the packaging process but cannot accurately check whether the product packaging is good. Companies often need to recruit additional employees to check whether the product packaging is in good condition, which is a waste of time and a waste of human resources and money. However, Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine can quickly detect the empty bottles, cap sealing effect and filling levels, and quick ejection on unqualified products. It is an excellent bottle packing machine for fast and accurate packing.

Low energy consumption
Compared with the ordinary liquid product packing machines, Labelling-Filling-Capping Monoblock Machine can save 40%-55% of high-pressure air and 25%-35% of electricity. This coverage packaging machine can help companies reduce energy consumption in the packaging process, thus reducing production costs.

As a professional packaging machine manufacturer, Tech-Long's automatic packaging machines have complete functions and positive packaging effects, improving the company's productivity, reducing workforce and material resources, and earning more profits. In the whole packaging machinery industry, Tech-Long plays an important role, and intelligent technical equipment has also won the industry's praise.

About Tech-Long
As the top packing machine manufacturer and the biggest manufacturer of liquid product packing machines in Asia. Tech-Long was founded in 1999, providing global customers with automated production turnkey solutions. Among these solutions are water treatment and pre-treatment systems, liquid product integrated packaging lines in respect of PET bottle blowing series, filling series, bottled water series, blowing-filling-capping series, labelling series, conveying series, secondary packaging equipment series as well as single machine equipment, automation production lines, intelligent workshops, top-level planning and design of intelligent plants, software and hardware equipment, and product process improvement.

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