Aeris Indoor Environmental Services Expands Service Area to Central Florida


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2021 --Aeris Indoor Environmental Services is now offering mold testing, asbestos air testing and air quality testing for virtually all of Central Florida including:

- Clearwater
- Tampa
- Palm Bay
- Lakeland
- Orange County
- St. Petersburg
- Orlando

Air and mold testing is necessary to ensure the health of commercial and residential properties throughout Central Florida. Many Florida residents encounter mold due to the moisture and dampness of the climate. Mold can often be prevented by maintaining ventilation and humidity levels. Inspections are necessary to determine if there is any mold in the building.

The presence of mold frequently results in nose, throat and eye irritations, asthma attacks and respiratory problems. Experienced and skilled experts are necessary for proper air and mold testing. Florida businesses and homeowners can make certain they remain in compliance with important environmental regulations with environmental consulting services.

Mold damage is common when the levels of moisture are elevated. There are numerous potential sources for this issue including leaks in the roof and water lines, condensation and sewer backups. Testing is performed to identify signs of water damage such as discoloration and water stains on the walls and flooring. Indoor air quality is compromised when the humidity level is above 60 percent.

Favorable conditions frequently result in microbial growth. Once there has been a flood, leak or an issue with burst pipes, only 24 to 48 hours are necessary for the growth of mold since many materials already have embedded mold spores from the start such as paper on drywall. Keep in mind the water loss will likely require the removal of affected materials. Properties constructed prior to 1978 are at risk for lead-based paint. Asbestos is still regularly found in materials to this day. Renovations can result in asbestos and lead-based paint exposure due to damaged materials. An asbestos and lead analysis is the best recourse to determine if the substance is present.

The presence of asbestos is a significant health risk. When the fibrous material is breathed into the lungs, serious illnesses can occur including pleural disease, lung cancer and mesothelioma. When the symptoms are not recognized quickly, it can take years for the disease to manifest. An asbestos consultant conducts the asbestos survey in numerous areas of the building including:

- Roofing
- Textured paints
- Tile flooring
- Siding
- Sprayed acoustic ceilings
- Wallboards
- Fire doors

Asbestos bulk sampling should be performed to ensure compliance with state and federal restrictions. No renovations should take place prior to an asbestos survey. Numerous factors are taken into consideration during the asbestos survey and testing including the type of building materials, the location and the history of the building. A walk-through is performed for all access points.

Mold and asbestos are especially dangerous for anyone suffering from a respiratory disease, chronic sinus infections or asthma and infants. Indoor air pollution is responsible for the deaths of millions of Americans. Illnesses resulting from mold can be missed by physicians without the correct training. When mold spreads throughout the building the result can include damage to the immune system triggering:

- Asthma
- Allergies
- Depression
- Coughing
- Memory loss
- Wheezing
- Anxiety
- Hypersensitivity

All of the above conditions can be prevented with high-quality testing. Both mold and asbestos can be eliminated once detected. Aeris Indoor Environmental Services are now available through the Central Florida location. The company is an expert for both residential and commercial inspections. Air quality testing is critical for the health of private households and commercial employees.

Residents and business owners in Central Florida can now take advantage of a wide variety of options available through Aeris Indoor Environmental Services including:

- Mold testing
- Indoor air quality testing
- Environmental consulting
- Asbestos testing
- Post-remediation verification
- Lead inspections
- Quality water testing
- Emergency moisture monitoring
- Disaster response

In the best-case scenario, no mold or asbestos is found and the customer is left with peace of mind. If mold or asbestos are found in the building, you can count on Aeris Indoor Environmental Services for outstanding service. The first priority is always the needs and health of the customer.

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