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Marietta, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2021 --Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are adapted versions of regular automobiles. The main difference between these vehicles and their prototype cousins is that specific features are incorporated to make lives easier for drivers and passengers who will be using them.

The conversion of common vehicles is entirely dependent on the intended use. Depending on the purpose and the degree of mobility disability the user has, each car comes up with different entry layouts and access types. These accessible vehicles in Bridgeport and Clarksburg, West Virginia, are custom-designed with the constraints of future users in mind.

Several modifications are made to standard vehicles to make them wheelchair accessible. The amount of changes depends on whether the intended user will drive the car or merely ride it or use it in both modes. The wheelchair is usually slotted by modifying the seat. Other changes include adding ramps and lifts, installing power chairs, kneeling systems, power steering, and changing the fuel lines and gas tanks. If the vehicle is predominantly used by someone who does not have a disability, minimal alterations will do. Special seats are available too. Before purchase, it's crucial to take all these aspects into account and discuss the requirements with experts at Marietta Mobility Services.

These vehicles feature entries, enabling users to get in from the back or the side. The reason it's crucial to assess the entrance site and configuration because they differ from one vehicle to another. Not all these aspects, including parking scopes, passenger accommodations, and seating configurations, are similar in each car. By choosing a side entry vehicle, one can drive while sitting in the wheelchair, enjoying the facility to get in and out of the vehicle. The cars with rear entry are ideal for both passengers and drivers. These vehicles are equally effective for people with disabilities.

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