KLM Medical Equipment Explains the 12 AST Standards of Care for Surgical Positioning


Prairie Village, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2021 --KLM Medical Equipment provides education on surgical positioning equipment and the 12 AST standards of care for surgical positioning.

The Association of Surgical Technologists is dedicated to improving safety and efficiency for surgical staff and patients. By abiding by the following 12 standards of care, surgical technologist and other surgical staff can prevent operation mishaps and ensure that patients are properly cared for before, during, and after procedures.

1) All surgical staff should be familiar with the objective of effective and safe patient positioning.

2) During preoperative planning, all surgical staff must be informed of physiological factors that may impact positioning procedures.

3) Contingent on preoperative assessments, surgical staff should anticipate the needed surgical positioning equipment.

4) Surgical staff should implement precautions and understand the needs of special patient populations.

5) During the preoperative planning process, surgical staff needs to understand if patients are susceptible to falling.

6) Surgical teams need to implement ergonomic positioning principles.

7) It is prohibited to abandon patients who have been placed on the OR table.

8) Surgeons are directed to observe patient positioning to ensure proper standards of care.

9) Surgeons need to assess positioning before starting an operation.

10) Patient and surgical positioning equipment information need to be documented in OR/intraoperative records.

11) Surgical staff needs to stay current on surgical positioning equipment, safety practices, and other relevant education.

12) Healthcare facilities have a responsibility to conduct an annual review of policies and procedures.

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