SWYCH U Customers Report over $6.9 Million in Mortgage Interest Savings

Clients implementing the HELOC Strategy have accelerated the payoff of their homes while substantially reducing the mortgage interest paid.


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2021 --SWYCH U, LLC reported on the feedback it has received from clients that are implementing the "HELOC Strategy" as discovered through the SWYCH U's financial education videos. Since its inception in late 2020, the HELOC U program has been met with widespread praise and a 100% customer satisfaction rate. In recent weeks alone, clients have reported a combined projected savings of over $6,900,000 in mortgage interest payments.

Customers have submitted numerous testimonials about their experiences, both in writing and through videos. Many of these have been added to the company's HELOC U web page at https://swychu.com/helocu. While the savings estimates vary, the total for each client vastly exceeds the cost of the program, making it accessible to anyone with a current mortgage. Proper implementation of the "HELOC Strategy" allows clients to pay off their home in 5-7 years, regardless of how many years are left on their mortgage. It does not require any increase to the client's income, or reducing their monthly expenses. The average customer reports a savings of over $285,000 in mortgage interest.

A few examples of recent statements submitted by customers include:

- It was a win-win situation. I'm saving $158,000 and will pay off my home in 6 years instead of 23 years! – Harry Childs

- I'll be able to pay off my home in 50-60 months... which saves me about 10 years and $126,000 off my mortgage! – Avner Shimon Fajoun

- We're paying off our mortgage in half the time... plus saving $84,000 in interest! – Les Kershar

- I'll save over $230,000 in mortgage interest... and that could be you! – Tommy Smith

SWYCH U has implemented a recognition program known as the "$100K Club" for HELOC U clients that have completed the program and stand to save over $100,000 in mortgage interest. Current and previous customers can apply through the SWYCH U mobile app.

SWYCH U is a financial education services company, specializing in programs designed to empower the middle class with strategies to accelerate debt reduction and wealth generation. Through its innovative mobile application the company aims to tear down the veil obscuring the financial strategies utilized by the wealthy from the average U.S. Consumer. Switch your thinking. Switch university. Switch you. For more information, visit https://swychu.com.

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