MASA Architectural Canopies Explains the Interesting History of Awnings


Piscataway, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2021 --MASA Architectural Canopies designs, manufactures, and installs store awnings for businesses in the USA. With over 30 years of experience in store awning creation, MASA Architectural Canopies explores the unique history of awnings to show clients how awning creations have developed and changed over the years.

Ancient Awnings
Awnings have a unique history that dates back to ancient Egypt. At the dawn of the Roman Empire woven awnings were utilized as a shade feature in theatres, outdoor coliseums, and stadiums. While the exact history of the first awnings is unknown, historians do know that awnings have been around for thousands of years!

Awnings in the 19th Century
By the second half of the 19th century, retractable awnings became the golden standard in awning design. This innovative approach to awning creation allowed businesses to adjust awning settings depending on weather conditions.

The Future of Awnings
As businesses and homeowners continue to use awnings for shade control, awning manufacturers are constantly improving the manufacturing process, maximizing efficiency, sustainability, and design. From passive shading function to utilizing recycled materials, modern awning manufacturers combine the best of function and aesthetic appeal to bring their clients the best store awnings on the market!

About MASA Architectural Canopies
MASA Architectural Canopies offers a range of store awning designs to businesses throughout the nation. Nationally recognized for their in-house finishing process, MASA Architectural Canopies employs professional and experienced designers, engineers, and architects to create functional store awnings that leave a lasting impression. For nearly three decades MASA Architectural Canopies has kept up with the latest trends and technologies in awning creation to provide store owners with the best store awnings at the best rates.

From sun control functions to improved outdoor seating, and more, MASA Architectural Canopies provide an endless selection of store awning designs for any want, need, or desire. Visit to learn more about store awnings and other custom canopy creations!

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