FlipBuilder Creates an Eye-Catching Flippable Brochure Online

A flippable brochure online is any advertiser’s answer to boring traditional brochures. FlipBuilder offers an easy way to create and publish flippable brochures.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/22/2021 --Traditional brochures may have served their purpose in their time. In this digital age, however, they just don't cut it. Today's audiences demand much more than a simple printed and folded brochure with images and text. For one, hardly anyone pays attention to printed brochures as so much time is spent online. Besides, the content of a printed brochure can be so limited. FlipBuilder offers a genius solution, allowing users to create and publish a flippable brochure online. Advertising will never be the same.

It's simple to create a flippable brochure online with FlipBuilder. Their software, Flip PDF Plus Pro quickly converts static PDF brochures to media-rich, interactive flipping versions. It's done without the user needing to have any coding or programming skills. The process is automatic and the quality of the PDF's contents is unaffected.

Unlike printed brochures that can only contain text and images, a flippable brochure online can feature all kinds of multimedia. Flip PDF Plus Pro lets users add videos, animations, audio, and links. The image gallery lets users store and present multiple images. Videos are much better for explaining how products work, especially for visual learners; animations add excitement to anything, and links can allow customers to purchase directly or lead them to pages where they can get more information about the products or services in the brochure.

With Flip PDF Plus Pro, anyone creating a flippable brochure online can increase awareness of their brand by adding a logo as well as an advertising plugin. The plugin can contain all the advertiser's information and can be placed anywhere on the interface.

The flippable brochure online can be published in several formats. Users can also upload it online easily with the FlipBuilder cloud server, with no FTP or other upload tools required. An embed code is also available so users can embed the flippable brochure online in their websites and blogs. Flip PDF Plus Pro supports integration with Google Analytics so advertisers can get useful information about the performance of their flippable brochure online.

"We wanted to make sure our customers had it easy to create a flippable brochure online," says Fermi Huang, Chief Engineer of FlipBuilder. "So, we made Flip PDF Plus Pro very user-friendly."

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