MSN Includes Goji Berries In 10 Best Foods

MSN recently released a list of 10 best foods you should be eating and included Goji berries as one of them.

Salem, Oregon -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2007 -- MSN recently released a list of 10 best foods ( you should be eating and Goji Berries was one of them. The article is titled "Want to do your body a world of good? It's as easy as expanding your grocery list" and highlights the health foods that you must be adding to your shopping list soon.

Goji berries have one of the highest ORAC ratings, signifying antioxidant power - of any fruit, according to Tufts University researchers. These raisin-size fruits can be chewed and taste like a cross between a cranberry and a cherry. The potent berries have been used in Tibet as a medicinal food for over 1700 years.

"We appreciate that MSN included Goji berries in this list of best foods. A large number of our customers have reported overall improvement in efficiency and well-being after eating Goji berries", reported Kirk Bachelder, owner of Goji Berries USA. He was very happy because his online store at was referred in the list as the go-to destination for procuring Goji berries.

This store offers Goji berries in several varieties including dried Goji, Goji juice and even Goji seeds. They offer free shipping for all orders above $40 and recently introduced Goji clusters dipped in dark chocolate for those seeking to enjoy antioxidant rich Goji berries without compromising on the taste.

Goji Berries US is the online store where you can order Goji berries, Goji juice and Goji seeds in small and wholesale quantities at very competitive rates. These are directly imported from the Tibetan Himalayas and help to improve your vigor and energy levels with the rich antioxidant properties. They now carry seaweed fertilizer, in both wholesale and retail formats, to aid those desirous of growing their own Goji berries. Visit their online store at

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