No No Hair Removal Reviews: The Experts Weigh in

Two respected hair removal specialists give their verdict on the revolutionary new home hair removal device - No No Hair Removal.

San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/09/2012 --For millions of women, and a growing number of men, body hair removal is simply a fact of life. Regular shaving has long been the preferred method for many, as the only other options available have been more expensive, time consuming, and painful. Thankfully, recent advances in hair removal technology have made it possible to get longer lasting hairless skin with all the convenience and ease of shaving. With the rising popularity of this type of home treatment, the experts have begun to weigh in with their professional opinions on some of the products now hitting the market. Making waves in this field are a couple of recently released No No Hair Removal reviews, as they have helped explain why the device has become so popular, so quickly.

The No No is a handheld, cordless device that uses a technology called Thermicon to not only remove the hair currently growing on your skin, but also to disrupt the cells inside the follicle. This means your hair will not only take longer to grow back, it will also be thinner and less visible when it does.

In A Class Of Its Own

Hair removal expert Christina Smith writes of the No No, "Until now, we haven't seen a single device besides the razor that offers hair removal in such a compact, easy-to-use package. This will no doubt revolutionize the way we get rid of unsightly, unwanted body hair. No other option currently exists that is pain free and completely safe for anybody to use."

Smith's sentiments are echoed in other No No Hair Removal reviews, as the first things people notice are typically the compact size of the unit, followed by the incredible ease of use. It really is similar to shaving in that a small device is moved over the surface of the skin, rendering it free of hair. Furthermore, while the hair removal lasers and lights available for home use carry a risk of skin damage for people with darker skin, the Thermicon technology ensures that users will never run into this kind of problem with the No No. It is safe to use with all skin types.

Results That Matter

The No No is not the first product that has made these types of promises. Various ointments, treatments, supplements and machines have been marketed over the years as long-term solutions to unwanted hair, but they have all been either ineffective, or have come with some catch that makes them less than user friendly (like pain, for example). Technology has finally caught up with the claims, though, and reviewers of the No No have been more than satisfied with the outcome of its use.

"The results speak for themselves," Smith writes. "They're not going to be immediate, but if you stick with the No No, you'll find yourself going 10-12 weeks before you feel your skin needs a little touch up to stay smooth. That beats shaving, by a wide margin, and I don't have to make and keep any appointments to do my treatments. It's all pretty impressive for something I can do while I'm watching TV, and without hurting myself."

Well Worth The Price Of Entry

Last year, the No No won "Best Product Of The Year" at the annual Best Product Of The Year USA Awards. This means that the unit already has more than 60,000 shoppers who stand behind it. With a 60-day free trial, new users can find out first hand what the buzz is all about before they decide if the No No is for them.

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"Compare it to the alternatives," writes hair removal specialist Ginny McKnight, "It costs a fraction of what you would pay for just one laser treatment, and it's certainly more convenient. It practically makes waxing obsolete, and over the long run, even shaving seems like a gross over expenditure of both time and money."

Each day, more and more users are trusting the No No for their hair removal needs. With so many positive No No Hair Removal reviews coming out, it's easy to see why that is. Users looking for a painless, easy, affordable and safe solution for long term smooth skin need look no further than the No No, which is available exclusively on their official, authorized web site.

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