Access Elevator Shares Why LU/LA May Be the Best Commercial Elevators in Pittsburgh, PA


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2024 --Access Elevator proudly offers small commercial elevators to Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding areas. Ideal for commercial buildings with limited space, LU/LA elevators ensure maximum accessibility without changing the structure of commercial spaces. Here are some reasons why Access Elevator believes that LU/LA commercial elevators may be the superior choice for Pittsburgh, PA businesses:

- Cost-Effective Installation - Unlike traditional commercial elevators, which often have substantial installation costs and require extensive modifications to the building structure, LU/LA elevators present a more cost-effective installation solution. Their design requires simpler integration into existing structures, minimizing the need for extensive renovations.
- ADA Compliance - The responsibility of ensuring accessibility for all individuals, including those with disabilities, is both a legal and ethical obligation for commercial property owners. LU/LA elevators stand out by being specifically designed to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. This ensures that the elevators provide an inclusive and user-friendly transportation solution for everyone.
- Customization Options - Despite being compact, LU/LA elevators do not compromise on customization options. These elevators offer the flexibility to be tailored to match the aesthetic and design preferences of a building. Property owners can choose from a diverse range of finishes, materials, and configurations to meet their preferences.

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Access Elevator is proud to offer a range of residential and commercial elevators to Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas. With a reputation for excellence dating back to 1969, Access Elevator works directly with their clients to choose the right elevator options that not only increase accessibility for all, but ensure seamless integrations with buildings and homes.

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