How a Bed-ridden Maryland Mortgage Broker Effortlessly Raked-in $48,291.33 in Fees - Without Leaving His Hospital Bed

In ‘the worst month ever!’ Of the so-called ‘sub-prime mortgage meltdown

Clarksville, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2007 -- With the credit markets undergoing a “meltdown,” banks in the United Kingdom collapsing under $4 BILLION “runs”…the Fed & the European Central Bank pumping in HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars to shore-up “catastrophically weak” economies…all the panic & hysteria of the so-called “credit crunch” has not prevented 1 mortgage broker from leveraging the secret knowledge of outspoken & unconventional consumer advocate & sub-prime mortgage industry veteran & expert, Scott Tucker.

One of Tucker’s “MasterMind Members,” Kevin Marks, of Clarksville, Maryland, just pumped $48,291.33 in fee income into his bank account, in what most are calling the “dead” sub-prime market! All while laid-up in his hospital bed!

Marks said, “even while I was laid-up, flat on my back in a hospital bed, Tucker's System kept pulling in borrowers in on auto-pilot! Even though the sub-prime market is supposedly ‘dead!’”

“They say this was the ‘worst month ever’ for sub-prime...but I closed 6 loans…and made $48,291.33 in fee income…from my hospital bed! Here’s what happened,” Marks continues:

1. “A family I had previously gotten out of financial trouble once before called my home and begged my wife to tell me that they were in trouble again. The result was a $380,000.00 refi for 4 points and $15,200.00 in fee income. I had my wife bring in my laptop and my ‘lender Bible’ into the hospital and it went like clockwork! Smooth as silk! The borrowers came to the hospital to sign the documents! None of this would have happened without Scott Tucker’s Past Borrower Retention System!”
2. “A borrower I had set up with a 2/28 ‘first-step loan’ needed to get out of it before it adjusted to a higher rate. He called me a dozen times to get me to help him. Result: a $185,000.00 refi with 4 points in fees! That's $7,400.00 dollars! He too came to the hospital to sign the documents! This would not have happened without Scott Tucker’s Past Borrower Retention System!”
3. “A Realtor® who’d seen my Scott Tucker Advertising repeatedly called & faxed my office saying that she just had to talk to me! My wife was bringing my office faxes to the hospital! Turns-out the Realtor® had a couple properties she couldn’t refinance because they had ‘ground rent.’ I made some calls and fixed it for her! Result: $147,234.00 refi at 4.20 points and $6,183.83 in fees, plus a $208,500.00 purchase at 2.5 points and another $5,212.50 in fees! This was all due to the ‘guru’ status that Scott Tucker’s marketing sets you up with!”
4. “A dental tech married to a Realtor® and real estate investor discovered that the mortgage broker that they’ve used for years couldn’t find financing for 2 condos! They were desperate to get that money to tide them over during this ‘tough time’ in the real estate market. She’d heard I used Scott Tucker’s proprietary Members Only website to handle ‘hard-to-place loans!’ So she called me…and I fixed it for her! Result: 2 investor purchase deals for $285,900 at 2.5 points and another $14,295.00 in fees!”

“That's how Scott Tucker's Program effortlessly generated $48,291.33 in fee income for me while I was flat on my back in my hospital bed!”

Scott Tucker himself is bullish about the current “crisis” and says, “Crisis? All the ‘doom & gloom’ is media hype. In spite of the current loss of available credit from sub-prime lenders, sub-prime borrowers can still get financing through the very same ‘sub-prime’ mortgage loan officers they’ve always relied upon! Via FHA loans!”

“This whole ‘credit crunch’ is nothing more than a temporary glitch. Sub-prime lending is not going away long-term. Sub-prime mortgages are seeing a 4% ‘delinquency’ rate this year versus the normal & customary 3% ‘delinquency’ rate!” says Tucker.

“The ‘delinquency’ rate is not the same as the much lower ‘foreclosure’ rate. ‘Delinquent’ borrowers are just late & slow-payers. Most of these borrowers catch-back-up, and fall-behind again. Over-and-over again. It’s just their habit to do so. The same way some other people might have some other odd habit. The great majority of those 4% who are ‘delinquent’ do not go into foreclosure. The media act as if 64-million Americans suddenly turned-in their house keys. They have not!” Tucker continues.

Tucker concludes. “in the ‘worst ever month’ for sub-prime lending, my Member, Kevin Marks, just did $48,291.33 in fees from his hospital bed! Using nothing more than the Secrets I share with everyone who uses my System! Any broker or loan officer can do this!”

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