Mobile Marketing Solutions Helps Budgets and Messages Travel Farther

Indianapolis, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2007 -- How far can a marketing message go on today’s marketing dollar? That’s the question that drives innovation at EventPro Services, Inc. of Indianapolis, a leading provider of mobile marketing solutions for regional and national companies. Mobile solutions promise to extend the reach of a marketing message while streamlining costs through a three-pronged approach that the company claims will maximize exposure while minimizing budgets during a time when marketing dollars are stretched thinner than ever before.

“Reallocation, integration and sponsorship,” said EventPro Services, Inc. President Bob Irvin, “these are the three difference makers when it comes to mobile marketing solutions. The costs associated with mobile marketing or training programs can easily be justified using these benchmarks.”

Irvin cites the efficiency of a mobile solution as a reason to reallocate budget dollars from less effective programs to a streamlined, mobile marketing approach. “Mobile marketing tours and event marketing tours are flexible enough to extend a brand message, product demonstration and one-to-one marketing opportunity to multiple event venues on a local, regional or national scale,” Irvin said.

By integrating existing brand messaging into a mobile solution, a company can greatly reduce the substantial costs of product and exhibit shipping and staging associated with tradeshows and corporate events. “In some cases,” Irvin added, “the savings on these expenses alone can offset much of the cost of creating the mobile marketing or training program in the first place.”

And a mobile solution is a ripe opportunity to attract sponsors to your mobile marketing vehicle. “Developing a sponsorship program for complementary products and services generates revenue for our client, and superior exposure for all partners in the collective effort. In a very real sense, we’re all on the road together.” Irvin said.

EventPro offers build-to-suit start-to-finish construction of mobile marketing vehicles, as well as a significant inventory of existing pre-owned vehicles that can be repurposed for new use. In addition, they are fully capable of handling end-to-end event management for virtually any sized company at any sized show, freeing up corporate representatives for invaluable face time with customers.

A leader in the mobile marketing and event management industry for over a decade, EventPro Services, Inc. has become synonymous with mobile marketing tours, customized-trailer construction and leasing plans.

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