Virginia CEO Gives out His Cell Phone Number

Alexandria, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/15/2007 -- Bob Mathew, CEO of Catalyst Web Services and defender of the small business owners’ right to IT freedom, is making his cell phone number available to customers of the new Web-based CatalystOffice productivity software suite.

Mathew is also showing confidence in the service through an aggressive free offer. Small business owners are invited to visit to request a no-obligation, three-month trial of CatalystOffice, which gives small businesses the freedom to access their office -- email, files, calendar and contacts -- anywhere, anytime with unlimited user licenses. Once the account is set up, each customer will receive an email with Mathew’s cell number, which they can call and offer feedback, request help, and share ideas about CatalystOffice online software.

“I don’t think you’ll see Bill Gates giving out his cell number,” said Mathew.

CatalystOffice officially launches at the end of November. Mathew and his team have spent over three years building it, inspired by frustrations he experienced using Microsoft Exchange and other server-based software solutions at his last company. With the growth of the Firefox web browser and the Software as a Service (SaaS) model eliminating the need for expensive software licenses, Mathew thinks the timing is ideal for CatalystOffice.

“Every small business owner I talk to is tired of being a slave to the large software companies and their expensive solutions. We designed CatalystOffice with busy entrepreneurs in mind, who are focused on growing their business, not their license fees. I’m giving out my cell phone number to hear from my customers, so they know they matter.” Mathew said.

Just to be safe, Mathew said he is upgrading to an unlimited cell phone plan.

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