From Dreams to Reality- UK Entrepreneur Association and Million Impossible plc Making History

Essex, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2008 -- The Million Impossible web site offers Entrepreneurs the opportunity to combine skill sets and knowledge together by using strength in numbers and hope to create the Worlds largest online Entrepreneur forum. Members who join the business as a member director have the choice to become registered directors at Companies House.

The company has now launched an investment programme called “GOING FOR GOLD” chaired by Fatima Whitbread MBE (World Champion). Any member director can now apply for investment in their business via the web site. All the member directors’ vote on which investments the plc should make and then the board make a final decision which companies the plc will invest in.

Million Impossible plc currently has 120 member directors and plan to become the UK’s largest Director count UK company in late December 2007 and will then move on to create a new World Record in early 2008.Many Entrepreneurs face immense challenges during their careers in reaching their dreams. Entrepreneurs take calculated risks every day overcome adversity and even bankruptcy to achieve their goals. It is not how you fall but how you rise after falling.

Million Impossible plc member directors offer advice for new start-up businesses as well as established businesses. Everybody can learn something from somebody elseMillion Impossible member directors can share their experiences with each other via the online Instant Messaging service, Forums and email service and help each other to avoid re-inventing the wheel when making commercial decisions.

The company offers free advertising to all UK businesses to help reduce their advertising spend through their internet based advertising web site and has aggressive plans to move into telecoms arena.

The Board of Directors consists of Fatima Whitbread MBE, Simon Clarke, John Blewitt, John Chapman, Heidi Weir and Scott English. The combined years of business experience within the plc stands at 1536 and growing every day.

The Board of Directors welcome students, Retirees and employed individuals as well as Entrepreneurs who own both new and established businesses. The opportunities are endless. Together we are going from Dreams to Reality.


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