Killer Guides Announces the Release of the Lord of the Rings Online Gold Guide

Lord of the Rings Online gets another guide from Killer Guides. The online game guide publisher releases the Lord of the Ring Online Gold Guide for players, available for download for only $29.99. The LotRO Gold Guide can be purchased online at


Sao Paolo, Brasil -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2007 -- The Lord of the Rings Online Gold Guide gives new and experienced players new concepts and strategies to make more gold in LotRO. The LotRO Gold Guide provides a variety of making gold how-to's ranging from crafting items, looting trophies and gathering wood to profiting from Auction Hall trades. Each strategy is professionally explained in step-by-step details that even low level characters can follow.

The LotRO Gold Guide comes complete with comprehensive information on crafting and leveling so any player can start and master crafting professions. Besides unlocking the gold making potential, crafting can also save players extra gold while buying necessary armor and weapons. Veteran players will benefit from more profitable tips on advanced crafting skills such as mastery options and single use recipes.

While crafting is a long term achievement, exploring professions bring in quick income. By selling in-game resources in the Auction House, any player can gain a healthy profit at virtually no expense. The LotRO Gold Guide offers improvement tips to increase your efficiency and make more gold from gathering skills. Collecting trophies from slain monsters can also bring in gold as they are needed by other players. Every sought after trophy can be located on a full listing of trophy locations inside the guide. The LotRO Gold Guide is a reference book for any player who wishes to become a successful trader in the Auction House. The reference is part of Killer Guides' LotRO guides set available at

Lord of the Rings Online, a triple A MMORPG title from Turbine Inc. enjoys a great reception from players around the world. Running in the first year, the game attracts new players every day. As the game gets more complex, players look for external sources of information such as the Killer Guides unofficial strategy guides. Killer Guides is building on its library of LotRO guides, offering first the general strategy guide then followed by more specialized guides such as gold making and class specific guides. New and veteran players need to look no further for a reliable and professional source of information on the game.

About is an online publisher of unofficial strategy guides for MMORPG titles like Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft, and Pirates of the Burning Sea. The company's portfolio contains an extensive collection of guides, providing general strategy guides as well as more complicated gold making guides. All guides are available in e-book format and can be purchased online and downloaded at

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