Florock’s Innovative Gelled Epoxy Coating Solution Converts Rough & Textured Surfaces to a Smooth Surface.

A smooth surface can be achieved while expending minimal material and labor using Florock Gelled Epoxy Coating.


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2008 -- When a rough & textured surface needs to be restored to a smooth surface, Florock Gelled Epoxy coating can do the job. A smooth surface can be achieved with minimal material and labor expense through a combination of grinding and the application of gelled epoxy grout.

In the following example, a stamped concrete “Cobblestone” pathway was found throughout the Camp Snoopy Amusement Park located inside the Mall of America. The rough pathway needed to be “erased” and converted to a smooth surface for rebirth as the Nickelodeon Universe Amusement Park. To accomplish this, the contractor had to initially grind the Cobblestone to reduce the profile, and then apply the Florock Gelled Epoxy coating.

To view a photo of the ground “Cobblestone” before & after the application of Florock Epoxy Gelled Epoxy coating, go to http://www.florock.net/repository.htm#Cobblestone

Next, the contractor must again grind to perfect the profile and then apply the Florock Pre Pigmented Primer. To view a photo of the primer, after grinding the Florock Gelled Epoxy coating, go to http://www.florock.net/repository.htm#Grinding

The Florock Pre-pigmented Topcoat was then applied. To view the final product, go to http://www.florock.net/repository.htm#PrepigmentedTopcoat

Joe Miller, the owner of Northland Floor Coatings said “The Florock Epoxy cures quickly and hard. It sands to a fine powder, providing us with a great surface for top coating.”

For more information on the Florock Epoxy Systems see http://www.florock.net or call 1-800-FLOROCK

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