On a Mission to Help Consumers Improve Their Credit

With over 20 years of experience collectively, in real estate, mortgage and construction, the founders of Mission: Credit... are ready to educate and assist the public with their credit needs.

Stephens City, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2008 -- After years of watching frustrated consumers struggle to purchase homes, the founders of Mission: Credit decided to take matters into their own hands. They quickly discovered that there wasn't much real support for people with bad credit. In searching, the team found that people with lower credit scores had issues with more than just mortgages. People with lower scores pay higher insurance premiums, can get turned down for certain jobs, can't get a simple bank account. There needed to be someone to help these people.

The team set out on a mission. "Our team spent over a year studying mortgage, real estate and credit scoring and restoration, searching for a solution," says co-founder Catherine Whitacre. After spending thousands of dollars, and countless hours, the team had found the answers they were looking for. With the support and training of nationally known credit repair attorney Edward Jamison, they have formed their own company to help people in need.

Mission: Credit understands that most people don't know about credit scores or how they impact their lives. There are so many people that have bad credit and loose sleep not knowing how to get out of it, how to improve it, not even knowing if it is possible. Bad credit can come from any number of situations like lost jobs, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or just getting behind on bills. No one wants bad credit. Consumers don't want to get turned down for that apartment or mortgage, that car or job. And they certainly don't want to continue to feel badly about the situation or themselves.

It is important to understand the difference between Credit Counseling Services and Credit Restoration. Credit Counseling is debt management, and because the consumer is no longer managing their own payments, lenders look at is like they do a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Credit Restoration is designed to educate consumers on the proper ways to use credit and help them repair past damage. The goal of Mission: Credit is to raise credit scores.

"We want to demystify Credit Reports and Credit Scores and give people knowledge and easy to use tools to take back power over their credit", says Co-Founder, Denise Klein. "We educate our clients, do the credit restoration work for them and give them tools and support so they can manage their credit on their own."

Mission: Credit offers services in disputing and removing negative items from credit report, negotiating and settling collection and charge off accounts, rebuilding credit after divorce/bankruptcy/foreclosure, or building credit for those that have none yet.

Mission: Credit can be reached at 888-749-0999 phone/fax and http://www.creditaccomplished.com

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