Dr. David Fett Comments on New Cosmetic Surgery Trends

As the number of teenagers seeking plastic surgery as a result of being bullied for their physical appearance increases, many are debating whether the trend is a positive one. As a plastic surgery specialist, Dr. David Fett explains how cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery can boost self-confidence.

Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2012 --Earlier this year, Nadia Isle—a 14-year-old American girl—received $40K worth of plastic surgery to correct her appearance, which had resulted in years of bullying from her peers. While the surgery was provided by a nonprofit group in an effort to improve Isle’s self-esteem, a debate was sparked on whether or not the trend of teenagers receiving plastic surgery to stave off bullying is appropriate. A recent article from Today Online discusses this argument, noting that “doctors argue that, rather than surgery, youngsters like Nadia should be learning to ignore the taunts of their peers.” While the matter comes down to personal opinion, Dr. David Fett has traced improved confidence among his younger clients who have received birth-related drooped eyelid surgery.

The article explains that those who bullied Isle taunted her for having large, protruding ears; after the surgery Isle stated, “I feel beautiful, I feel better about myself.” While the article suggests that many in the medical community are not supportive of the rising trend of plastic surgery among teenagers, Dr. David Fett explains that the extra boost of confidence the procedures provide can be exactly what an individual needs to face their tormentors. Dr. Thomas Romo, who founded Little Baby Face Foundation—the nonprofit group that helped Isle—commented in the article, “Did I cure everything in her life? Was I the only thing she needed? Of course not. But I did my part.”

Having performed over 30,000 ophthalmic plastic surgery procedures, Dr. David Fett has witnessed several patients who pursued reconstructive eyelid procedures in order to reduce bullying. Fett explains, “I have many young patients who have a droopy eyelid and are ‘picked on’ or ‘made fun of’ by other children because their eyelid droops and they therefore have a different appearance. When I perform surgery on their droopy eyelid so that the two eyelids are even they invariably tell me that they are very happy that they now look ‘normal’ and are no longer bullied by other children. The children are extremely happy.”

While there are many ways for children to resolve bullying issues, Dr. David Fett notes that taking positive action against it is a good thing. He encourages parents and children facing this issue to fully discuss these problems with medical professionals and plastic surgeons before making a decision.

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Dr. David Fett is a Los Angeles-based eyelid surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery to correct droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes, and eyelid asymmetry. As one of the most experienced eyelid specialists in the United States, Dr. Fett has performed more than 30,000 ophthalmic plastic surgery procedures to treat a wide variety of conditions, including ptosis ocular surgery, reconstructive and cosmetic eyelid surgery, ectropion surgery, and entropion surgery. Dr. David Fett pioneered the use of advanced C02 laser technology that may minimize swelling and discomfort and hasten recovery. Combining his knowledge of ophthalmology and plastic surgery, he currently serves patients at the Fett Eyelid Center in West Los Angeles. In addition, Dr. Fett has served on the faculty of the world-renowned Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA for more than 20 years and is an Associate Clinical Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine.

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