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Edmond, OK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2008 -- Ever lost a friend to an accident, drugs, aids, suicide or other tragedy? Maybe it was a relative like a grand parent, or even a parent. If so, don’t feel alone. CemeterySpot assures that every one of its online memorials will be around for a long, long time. So, take comfort because CemeterySpot has a 100 year minimum life guarantee.

CemeterySpot.com (http://www.cemeteryspot.com), has created an online memorial community for people who want a high quality way to remember their loved ones. CemeterySpot provides each of its online memorials with a unique web address within a full featured, content rich, online memorial community, with features that replicate a real world funeral, burial, memorial experience.

CemeterySpot.com has many features not available on other memorial sites. These features include your choice of virtual grave monument, cremation urn or mausoleum in various styles, textures and colors; as well as, an audio or video eulogy and GPS location. Did the person want to have his/her final place of rest at the mountains or the beach? There is a choice of scenic locations, or, just upload your own. If you want to upload your own photo of the actual grave site, urn or mausoleum, no problem, there is an option for that too. There is lots of flexibility and choices.

In addition, each CemeterySpot.com (http://www.cemeteryspot.com) memorial includes a high quality user-friendly framework with About Me, photo Gallery, Tributes, Legacy and Guest Book pages.

Visitors to a CemeterySpot memorial “Spot” can leave OnSite Memorial Gifts that reside on the memorial grave, urn or mausoleum site. They include flowers, various ribbons, an angel, teddy bear and rag doll.

“While developing CemeterySpot we investigated many different ways to approach the need for online memorials. A recurring response was that honoring a dearly departed loved one was a very sensitive and spiritual situation which deserved a high quality, full featured, premium experience. And so, we developed CemeterySpot to meet those needs.” said Hal Stevens, President.

CemeterySpot.com has started with over 100 articles most which have active links to contact the author. Comments on each article are encouraged as is contact between the reader and author. Hundreds of resource links are provided for quick and valuable assistance. In addition, there is a forum with suggested discussion topics where people can ask for info and receive loving support.

CemeterySpot.com has also started a blog, http://www.cemeteryspot.com/blog , to give news and perspectives not available anywhere else.

For more information about CemeterySpot, Inc. (http://www.cemeteryspot.com) or to schedule an interview, please call Hal Stevens at 405-210-4363 or email Hal at hal@cemeteryspot.com.

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