GS Medical Packaging Introduces Integrated Class 4 Multi-Parameter Steam Indicator

For over 30 years, GS Medical Packaging, Inc. an ISO 9001:2007, ISO 13485 and EN 868 Standards-compliant company, has been manufacturing sterilization medical packaging and is pleased to introduce Class-4 Indicators.


Mississauga, Ontario -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2012 --Sterilization pouches play a critical role in ensuring that all equipment and instruments used in the medical, dental, health and other clinics are safe and clean. While often overlooked by patients, practitioners are required to use such pouches on which to conveniently store their apparatuses and keep them free from bacteria and viruses. While so, it is not enough to merely have a sterilization pouch in the clinic, simply because not all such products are created equal: not all of them meet enforced industry standards.

GS Medical Packaging, Inc. is a leading producer of sterilization pouches that cater to a wide range of markets including medical, dental, tattoo, and spa clinics. An ISO 9001:2007 and ISO 13485 certified company and EN 868 Standards-compliant, the sterilization pouch manufacturer offers products of industry-leading quality standards at prices that are competitive in today’s global market.

Continuously improving product quality, GS Medical Packaging has integrated Class 4 Indicators into its sterilization pouches, which the Center for Disease Control finds as "a more reliable indicator that sterilization conditions have been met." The Class 4 Multi-Parameter Steam Indicator provides practitioners an easy to see visual indicator of sterilization.

"A pouch with Class 4 indicators already built in saves the market the cost of manually inserting them each time," explains John Sherlock, General Manager at GS Medical Packaging. "Luckily, our plant is equipped with industry-leading technology that allows for us to produce these integrated pouches with the highest quality controls."

The Class 4 Multi-Parameter Steam Indicator, which, as independently validated by world-renowned independent laboratory NAMSA in 2012, meets the three parameters determining effectiveness of steam sterilization: time, temperature and the presence of steam.

Detailing its other products, the globally recognized sterilization pouch manufacturer offers the house brands Professional’s Choice and Steril Peel, while also offering private brand labeling services. It can assist clients that need their products sterilized by steam, ethylene oxide, gamma, e-beam, hydrogen peroxide or others commercial sterilants.

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GS Medical Packaging Inc. is a medical packaging manufacturer specializing in a wide variety of sterilization packaging used by medical device companies, hospitals as well as professionals who require sterilization pouches. With head office in Ontario, Canada, the company has been in the business for almost 30 years, serving clients across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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